9 Ways to Make Your New Co-workers Love You!

9 Ways to Make Your New Co-workers Love You!

9 Ways to Make Your New Co-workers Love You!

Starting a new job will never be easy; you’re diving in to a bunch of new responsibilities, duties and experiences.

But what’s even more terrifying?

You’re diving into a team of people who already have a certain level of camaraderie and a group dynamic in place.

We all want our new co-workers to love us and support us with the continuation of our career, but how do we encourage such feelings of frienship?

Behold: 9 tips for getting your new co-workers to love you (as a friend!).

1. Names and Greetings.

Remembering names (and greeting people when you enter your new workplace) is one of the most effective things you can do to impress your colleagues.

It suggests that you care about them, and will also spare any potentially awkward situations for the future.

School teachers often use flashcards in order to memorise the names and faces of their dozens of pupils – you can do the same!

Or perhaps drawing up a seating plan (with the help of someone else, even) will get your memory on track.

2. Positive Body Language is Key.

Body language can say an awful lot about a person, and we’re constantly making subconscious judgements based on it.

Maintain good eye contact; keep an open, welcoming posture; and above all remember to smile!

Warm smiles can be infectious for even the most sombre of co-workers.

Check out this blog post to find out more about off-putting body language.

3. Look For Common Interests.

We all have common interests if we delve down deep enough.

Sometimes you will simply “click” with others due to your shared interests; other times you may have to get into some pretty niche territory to inspire a conversation with someone.

Conversing with your co-workers nevertheless passes the time quicker and builds your relationships and trust.

So have a chat! With everyone!

4. Give Compliments (When Warranted).

We say “when warranted” here, because nobody likes a brownnoser.

People can often tell when someone is “sucking up” to them for their approval, and it usually puts them off.

Give compliments to your co-workers when you think they are necessary.

Giving credit when credit is due will make you look supportive and encouraging.

5. Try to Mediate Rather than Argue.

If you have more than half a dozen people working in the same environment; workplace politics become somewhat inevitable.

If for any reason a colleague takes issue with you, be sure to tackle the issue in a calm and collected manner.

Getting into heated arguments isn’t going to solve anything. Try to navigate towards a peaceful compromise.

If arguments and disagreements ensue between your co-workers that make the workplace uncomfortable, try to informally mediate these discussions and take a neutral, unbiased view on the matters.

If you don’t think you can do that – don’t get involved!

Be warned however that some people may see this as intrusive rather than helpful.

Tread carefully, and treat every situation as is deemed necessary.

6. Learn the Workplace Dynamics.

As mentioned at the start of this post, you’re going to be diving in to a complicated network of relationships and dynamics between all of your co-workers.

When starting a new job, it may be useful to restrain yourself until you become settled and learn about all your new colleagues and how they relate to each other.

Back in the day, a newbie at my office started badmouthing someone in our team to me. Unfortunately for him, that turned out to be my brother.

You don’t want to end up offending someone or looking like a gossip!

7. Avoid Gossiping and Badmouthing!

While we’re on the topic… avoid all badmouthing and gossiping!

Sometimes it can be necessary to “let off steam” and “vent” about certain people in your workplace; but I would advise only doing this with external people (friends, family etc.) if possible.

Spreading rumours and gossiping at work negatively affects you just as it negatively affects those at hand.

Staying out of the gossip circle will make you appear more sensible and well-rounded to your more sensible and well-rounded co-workers.

The thing about gossip is that it ALWAYS gets around in the end.

Only say something about someone that you’re prepared to say to their face.

Otherwise, zip it and keep yourself out of trouble.

8. Treat People Appropriately.

This rule goes hand-in-hand with number 6.

Learning your co-workers’ dynamics and personalities can also inform how you should address them.

You might want to tone down or withhold certain aspects of your personality at your new job until you know how your new colleagues will react to certain behaviours.

For example, you may have co-workers who are easily offended or don’t like cursing.

Or, you may have managers who don’t like to be addressed informally.

Every co-worker is different, so tread carefully until you understand them.

9. Bring in a Box of Donuts.

It is a bit of an office cliché, but bringing in a box of donuts (or any other treats for that matter) is a quick way to make friends at your new office.

It shows you want to get involved and are willing to have a bit of fun!


There we have it- our 9 tips on getting your new co-workers to love you!

We hope that you found these tips useful and informative. Feel free to add any of your own tips in the comments below.

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Good luck making friends!

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