Should You Quit Your Job? Find Out…

Should You Quit Your Job? Find Out…

Should You Quit Your Job? Find Out…

So you’re not sure if you should quit your job? You’ve come to the right place.

Did you know that 6.5 million UK workers (that’s 30%) admit to being unhappy at work?

That’s pretty scary! All of those unhappy people…

And the thing is, many of them will stick around and power through that unhappiness – I mean, no one actually likes their job anyway do they..?

Of course they do! In fact, I do.

So, don’t bury your head in the sand. Stick up for yourself and your happiness.

Here are seven signs it’s time to move on.

1. You have an awful boss.

The obvious one of course and one that makes so many employees quit—some, without even giving a notice.

Let’s face it, when you have a terrible boss, work can be miserable.

  • Perhaps they don’t appreciate your hard work?
  • Maybe they don’t treat you very well?
  • Or do they just refuse to give you a break?

Whatever the issue, if you don’t feel comfortable talking to your boss about it, it’s a real problem.

A good leader will be there to help their employees and nurture them. And that’s not only good for you; it’s great for the company too.

When you have a boss that just yells all day and does not care about his employees; chances are that those employees will not last.

2. Poor structure and management.

I remember working as a waiter at a popular food chain when I was younger.

The managers weren’t horrible people, but they just didn’t really care. They spent most of their time in the office and ignored any complaints about working hours, shifts and breaks.

When a work environment is messy, disorganized, and has poor management; it spirals downhill.

The employees get frustrated and stop performing at their best until they eventually give up or leave. If you find yourself working in this type of environment, it may be time to quit.

Someone else will appreciate your hard work.

3. You’re not happy with your salary.

Perhaps you don’t hate your job, but the salary isn’t cutting it anymore..?

It’s up to you to work out a balance between enjoying your job and being able to live on a lower salary than you’d hoped.

And it may be worth speaking to your boss – they may be able to do something.

But if you do try to negotiate higher pay, make sure you go in prepared – click here to find out how.

4. No room for growth.

While most jobs offer promotions and room to grow—some companies just don’t and that could be for a number of reasons.

  • Perhaps they’re a small business who just don’t have a big turnover of staff?
  • Maybe their budget is getting tight?
  • Or perhaps they just don’t like hiring from within?

Whatever the reason, if you feel like you’re being held back from your true potential, it’s definitely time to move on!

5. Long hours, no flexibility.

It’s all well and good earning a high wage – but if you have to work all hours under the sun, what’s the point?

You can’t spend it anyway!

Maintaining a work-life balance is absolutely essential to living a happy and healthy life and if your current workplace doesn’t value that, then they may not be the best employers for you.

6. Life

Have big changes happened in your life recently? It may be worth reconsidering your options – even just to reassure yourself that you’re at the right place, doing the right career:

  • Is the salary still suitable?
  • Is the stress-level acceptable?
  • Will you need flexible working?
  • What about location?
  • Are you happy?

Sometimes, it’s just important to reassess things.

7. Stress

At one point in your career, you will stress about something. Stress is inevitable.

But there is a line you should draw.

There is a time when enough becomes enough.

If you start to feel emotionally and physically unwell, if you find no joy in what you do and if it affects the people who are close to you, then it may well be time to hand in your notice.


So, here are seven different legit reasons as to why you should consider quitting your job.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should walk straight into your office, in a blaze of drama and shout “I QUIT” before storming out of the door.

It’s important to seriously consider your situation before doing anything.

Plus it’s always better to have another job lined up first.

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Good luck.

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