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10 Amazing Personal Websites You’ve Simply Got To See.

Ace Ventura saying "wow" and shaking his faceAs you can imagine, at Coburg Banks, we see a LOT of CVs.

And to be honest, most of the time, we prefer them to be kept simple.

Yes, it’s important to add a touch of (good) personality and a lovely design will usually make a great impression but never at the expense of the content (compelling skills, experience, profile etc.)

But then occasionally, out of the blue, we see a personal website that absolutely BLOWS OUR MINDS – content and all – and we just know these are the superhero candidates that will go far.

So this week, I’ve pulled together a list of the best 10 personal websites I could find, to inspire you!

1. Adam Hartwig

Adam’s fabulous, bright and easy-to-navigate website oozes cool.

adam harwig's personal website screenshot

In fact, whilst checking out the bright colours and quirky text, it’s hard not to smile.

It’s also a huge bonus that the site’s dead easy to use too – unlike many that tend to get over-designed, at the expense of usability.

2. Yaron Schoen

Yaron’s personal website is impeccably designed, easy to use, but also really funny.

yaron schoen personal website screenshot

The introductory exchange is endearing, witty and unique.

3. Robby Leonardi

If you like games, you’ll love this.

Check out the ‘interactive resume’ section and travel through varying levels of Robby’s life, as a character in a platform game.

Robby Leonardi personal website screenshot

It is fun, it is ingenious and it certainly captured my attention (in a good way)!

4. Deidre Bain

Not only is Deidre’s design immaculate, but her copy is (again) really funny!

diedre bain personal website screenshot

Great little sarcastic quips like “Talented. Ask my mom” and “Super Humble” really do show off her fun-loving personality.

5. Gary Le Masson

Gary has gone to quite a lot of effort to show potential employers that he’s the only SEO expert they need to search for on Google.

gary masson's personal website screenshot

He’s even created a French version.

I especially love the Gaaaaaaaaary page links at the bottom!

6. John Fang

Simple, effective and striking; John won me over with his very first paragraph.

John Fang personal website screenshot

Scroll down to find everything you need to know quickly and efficiently.

7. Samuel Reed

This is amazing! (If a little bit scary at first… is someone watching me?)

samuel reed personal website screenshot

Of course, it also gives Samuel a chance to show off his fantastic coding skills.

Brilliant, unique and compelling – I certainly couldn’t look away.

8. Daniel J Diggle

So, to start off with, the big multi-coloured hand is pretty mesmerising – if a bit blinding.

daniel j diggle personal website screenshot

Then the entire site is similarly eye-catching and is also very easy to manoeuvre throughout.

But my favourite bit? The “Blog” which reveals all the weird and wonderful things Daniel has overheard people saying over the years, from friends to strangers. Hilarious and very artsy.

9. Matt Luckhurst

Matt’s site gives off a really playful, friendly vibe.

matt luckhurst personal website screenshot

It exhibits his work really well and despite the fact that there is a LOT of information, it’s all really easy to find and work your way through – without overbearing the visitor.

(Sometimes personal websites can come across jumbled if overloaded).  

10. Ximena Vengoechea

This site is great because Ximena shows off her creative personality both online and offline.

Ximena Vengoechea personal website screenshot

Her handwritten story board and the general clean, sleek website design are both very compelling.

Do it yourself?

Have these personal websites inspired you to create your own?

There are plenty of resources out there (although to top some of these, you’re probably going to have to know at least a little bit about design…)

Check out these posts for more examples and advice:

Good luck! We’d love the see the finished product when you’re done.

Recruiter Pro Tip

As we mentioned earlier, you really don’t HAVE to have a personal website to get a job and in fact, sometimes, simplicity is the key.

As long as recruiters can get at your information quickly – and of course, the information is relevant and compelling enough – they will be impressed.

For some tips on how to write a smashing CV, without immense effort, click here.

NB: Do not fall into the trap of going overboard and ending up with a ‘creative’ but entirely off-putting application – like this lot.

If you’d like to read more light-hearted recruitment & workplace stories like this one, then click here to subscribe! We’ll send over a quick weekly update with the latest.

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Daniel Hall
6 months ago

Fantastic little site like the great examples of some of the peoples websites