10 Quirky Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed (For Work)

I know this blog probably seems a bit random… but there’s a reason behind it! Honest...

Recently, I decided that I was bored of eating the same old lunches (salad, soup, occasional sandwich).

It was time to mix things up a little bit… but that’s easier said than done when you’ve only got a microwave and a toaster to play with!

So, I decided to have a little nosy in Lakeland to see what they had to offer (they always do quirky little kitchen tools)…

The Eggsperiment.

So, this is what I picked.

These little devices will poach your eggs to perfection.

Just add some water, pop in your egg, microwave and hey presto…

It didn’t work.

My lunch “eggsploded” (see what I did there?) everywhere in the microwave, the lid came flying off, the whites were all over the place, it was disastrous!

Anyway, that’s the story that prompted this blog. So if you fancy experimenting with your lunch breaks a little, here are some more weird and wonderful ideas…

1. The Posh Popcorn Maker!

Popcorn is probably not something that you’re going to have on a daily basis at work… but it’s actually supposed to be a really good, healthy snack!

AND, this contraption makes cooking it as easy as pie! No mess.

Perfect when the office drama is about to kick off and you find yourself with a front-row seat.

Source: eBay

2. The Omelette Cooker.

As an omelette/egg lover, this product is a dream come true!

However, after my poached egg shebacle, I’ve got to admit, I’m a little sceptical…

Still, it’s a cracking idea.

Source: eBay

3. The Microwave Table.

Have you ever wanted to cook more than one thing at a time?

(We do have two microwaves, but it’s not really fair to hog both, when other people are waiting…)

Introducing the microwave table!

A great way to heat multiple things at once.

Source: eBay

4. The Avocado Cutter.

Avocado is the hipster and healthy new snack that everyone seems to adore (not a fan myself, but hey).

But it can be a bit of a hassle; slicing, de-seeding and then trying to scoop out all of the insides.

But with this avocado tool you’ll never have to worry again! (It does everything…)

What more could you want?

Source: Amazon

5. The Spiral Slicer.

Bored of having to slice and dice your cucumber to go in your salad?

Then this is definitely something you should invest in.

Imagine how jealous your co-workers will be about the ease with which you slice these beautiful spirals…

Source: Amazon

6. The Toastie Bag!

I know you’re probably thinking “what’s the point?”, but trust me, these bags are great for making makeshift toasties.

They stop all of the filling falling out and heat everything inside the sandwich too.

It’s just a great all rounder.


7. The Egg Slicer.

I know, I know, I’m slightly obsessed with eggs…  but although this comes advertised as an “egg slicer” it can be used as so much more than that!

Strawberries; mushrooms; grapes; melon… 

Obviously the wire isn’t quite strong enough for something like a carrot, but it still saves you time and effort trying to slice those small and awkward kitchen items.

It’s done in a matter of seconds!

Source: Lakeland

8. The Apple Slicer!

There’s a theme here… people clearly don’t like slicing.

But I can personally vouch for this one because somebody gave me one as a gift, knowing that I love these type of products.

So, if I fancy an apple all I do is take the stand from the bottom of the dish, place the apple in, line the centre of the top dish up with the cork and push down.

Then there you have it!

Perfect apple slices with the centre cork taken out.


Source: IKEA

9. The Bag Holder.

Have you ever needed an extra pair of hands to help you bag something up for the freezer?

I certainly have.

And that’s exactly what this device is for – to free up your hands and help you make less of a mess!

Someone is really paying attention to our (slightly ridiculous) day to day problems.

Source: Amazon

10. The Cleaning Tool

Last but most definitely not least, is this cleaning tool.

This little piece of genius is about to change some of your lives forever.

All you have to do is fill it with water and vinegar, maybe even a splash of lemon, and microwave it.

Then the magic takes place.

The cleaning tool pressurises the liquid to turn it into a steam, getting
rid of those difficult stains in your microwave, easily.

Viva la revolution!

Source: Amazon


Ok, hands-up, some of these tools are absolutely ridiculous. It’s pretty clear that human beings just want to make life as easy as possible.

But it’s so much fun trying them out! And some of them really can save you time and effort, if you’re that way inclined!

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Happy lunches!

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