10 Super-Duper Video CVs You’ve Simply Got to Watch

In competitive industries like marketing and media, “creative” CVs have pretty much become the norm.

Gone are the days when a simple, coherent and neat CV would get you the job of your dreams…

It’s pretty hard to stand out in a crowd who are all obsessed with making a splash!

I’ve certainly received some fantastically quirky CVs in my time but even they pale in comparison to the 10 bolshie, in-your-face and attention-grabbing videos I’ve hunted down for this blog.

They’re certainly all memorable, but for the wrong reasons or right? I’ll let you decide.

1. “This is My Girlfriend”

This video might confuse you a little bit at first because the person who created it – Miguel Durao – is not in fact, the woman who features in it.

What’s she got to do with anything then?

Well – that would spoil the ending!

Needless to say – he got the job!

PS. This video is entirely safe for work.


This creative little video CV from Erin Michael Vondrak is really quite charming and the chorus is really (really) catchy.

(It’s been stuck in my head all week…)

Best bit: ‘I don’t have gingivitis and I don’t have lice.’

Unfortunately, she didn’t get the job; you’re missing out Valve!

3. They Call Me Angel.

As far as video CVs go, this is one of my personal favourites.

It’s quirky, fun, but not too overboard (like our first two examples)…

Of course it doesn’t fail to disappoint, with a couple of cheesy bits squeezed in too.

Best bit: “until I retire or my modelling career takes off. Whatever comes first.”

4. Dear Google.

Getting a job at Google can be pretty difficult with the immense number of applications they receive.

(That’s what happens when you successfully create a legendary employer brand.)

So, Matthew decided to create a Google-centric and fun video to catch their attention.

Best bit: probably when Matthew calls them “the googs team.”

Would you hire him?

5. Karaoke CV!

Rhyming lyrics, acoustic guitar, ‘yeah-yeahs’ and slow motion walking…what more can you ask for from a creative video CV?

Favourite bit: “So pencil in some notes oh you better, this ain’t your cliché cover letter.’

6. Lost for Words.

I just don’t really know where to start with this one… it’s creative, I suppose.

What’s bizarre is that it doesn’t appear to mention anything relevant to careers, jobs or engineering.

Maybe he was hoping to hypnotise potential employers with that background music?!

7. Confessions of a Workaholic…

This video mimics one of those sad, confessional videos about drug abuse but this candidate has a different, just as serious kind of addiction…he is addicted to working too hard!

Although slightly controversial, James shamelessly plays on our curiosity and it’s hard not to be taken in with his compelling words and the eerie background music!

Cheeky, but I like it!

8. Hire Me, Please!

Friendly, well produced, fun and not-too-over-the-top… I actually found myself bopping along to this one.

Big thumbs up from me.

9. Employ Adam.

You may just recognise Adam.

In a bid to get a job, he started the “Employ Adam” campaign and took out a huge billboard (with his last “£500).

His video reveals more…

You’ve really got the commend him for his determination and gumption!

10. “This Sandwich is Good…”

David must love sandwiches…

In fact his entire video resume is crammed full of foodie language and metaphors – showing why he’d be a delicious new addition to your team.

Best bit: “when I was 12 years old my mom planned a picnic, and she asked me to see what the weather was gonna be like.”

What do you think?

I know, I know, some of these are just a little bit silly but you’ve got to admit, they’d definitely help a job candidate to stand out!

Recruiter Pro Tip

If you do decide to create a video CV, unless you’re mega-experienced, I’d personally recommend you keep it simple and professional (and not silly).

To see some examples and get some hints and tips, check out these great articles…

Just make sure you get it right!

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Enjoy – and happy Friday!

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