15 Annoying Cliché Phrases, Translated

I’m a sucker for clichés, I’m often throwing them about the place.

Though, someone pointed out to me the other day that there’s actually a further meaning to what I’m saying.

They also mentioned that they’re “annoying cliché phrases” that I shouldn’t be using.

Of course I don’t mean to come across in a negative way!

That’s just not who I am.

But, as it happens, people can often find clichés quite irritating.

(I knew that not everyone was a fan, but I thought there’d still be some supporters!)

Anyway, I sat down and wrote a few phrases on a piece of paper.

They’re not all things that I’d personally say, but more so that I’ve heard recently.

Then, I translated them.

Here’s what I took them for at face value…

(It’s actually not too dissimilar to what I did in this blog post: 22 Literal Answers to Common Interview Questions)

15 annoying cliche phrases translated


It’s strange how things can look so different when you actually take them at face value.

I actually did another of these types of blog posts not so long ago.

You can read it here: 17 Passive Aggressive Email Phrases, Translated

And I’d definitely recommend giving these a read whilst you’re already (probably) procrastinating:

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