20 Fun Things To Do On Your Lunch Break [Infographic]

Being stuck in the office can be a drag, especially when you refuse (or forget) to take a lunch break.

Seriously, that hour a day will make your day more bearable – and you a lot less stressed. It’s worth it.

(P.S. sitting at your desk and eating, doesn’t count as a break.)

So, are you being wasteful with your time? Here are some things you could be doing instead of more work:

20 Fun Things To Do On Your Lunch Break infographic


Rethinking that precious hour now?

You could even get your weekend chores over in your lunch hour – how about that grocery shop you need doing? Order it online and then it’s done!

Plus, taking your lunch hour can really be good for your health; making sure you get a break from your computer is a great benefit.

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Happy Friday.

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