20 Quick Ways to Annoy An Interviewee

20 Quick Ways to Annoy an Interviewee [Infographic]

We posted a blog the other day called 5 Annoying Things Interviewers Do and received some pretty interesting responses.

Turns out most of us have been annoyed at some point during an interview.

So I’ve collected the data, done some research online and asked around our office (we were all job-seekers too once) to find out the 20 most annoying things interviewers do.

20 Quick Ways to Annoy an Interviewee


Have you ever experienced any of these terrible interview behaviours?! I’ve got to admit, I have (2, 10 and 20).

Recruiter Pro Tip.

So, what can we learn from this week’s lighthearted Friday Funny?

The message is pretty simple…

Interviewers: stop your bad behaviour now. You’re scaring off your job candidates.

Interviewees: if your interviewer behaves badly, you may want to consider whether you’d want to work for them anyway!

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Happy Friday folks.

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