9 Fictional Workplaces We Wish Were Real

Remember back when you were growing up, did you ever watch a film and get all excited about how magical the world of work seemed?

There were so many different jobs!

Working in a toy shop, being a teacher, astronaut, cowboy, being the caretaker of a chocolate factory…

And they all looked like SO much fun!

But as (most of us) have gotten older and started the great rat race, it just doesn’t feel as magical anymore…

Why? I’m not entirely sure.

That’s why this week I’ve gathered a few of my favourite (fictional) workplaces – I would LOVE to actually work at some of these. Enjoy!

1. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes – Harry Potter

Ever wanted to play a prank on someone? Maybe a sibling, friend, or a co-worker?

Well, as an employee at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes you wouldn’t be disappointed!

But you would have to make a difficult decision on whether to feed them skiving snackboxes (which make them vomit) or earwax flavoured jelly beans (which also probably make them vomit).

Decisions, decisions…

2. Wonka Industries – Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Now I know everyone who watched the old classic will have had the following thought:

“Why didn’t I get invited to the wonderful realm of chocolate?”

As every child’s dietary dream, I’m sure we all would have loved to be employed by the great Willy Wonka!

(But seriously, did you know you can actually get a job as a chocolate consultant?)

3. Ghostbusters – Ghostbusters (1984)

Who you gonna call? Janine Melnitz?

She might be able to get you a job with the Ghostbusters!

How cool would it be to be busting afterlife crime?

Really cool!

4. M.I.B. – Men in Black

Not into ghosts?

Why not try out aliens?

Yep! Just suit up and put on a pair of black shades – you’re good to go!

5. Macmillan Toys – Big

Or perhaps crime fighting isn’t for you.

That’s absolutely fine!

We have another job up for grabs on the other end of the scale anyway – testing toys!

As a child, this was definitely in my top 10 dream jobs for when I grew up (and probably still is now!)

6. The Police Academy – 21 Jump Street

Everyone wants to have a laugh at work.

And most people would love to be a part of the best crime-fighting duo in the world… (kind of).

Working for the Police Academy in 21 Jump Street is the best of both worlds.


7. Nuclear Power Plant – The Simpsons

The Simpsons never really gave an accurate impression of what working life would be like when we all grow up…

Homer also probably wasn’t the best role model.

All he does is sleep!

Can you imagine?

8. Dunder Mifflin – The Office (US)

A colleague of mine loves The Office (US), and I can tell why!

This office is brutally hilarious!

With that in mind though, I’m not sure I’d like to be left in their hands if I was unconscious…

9. Stark Industries – Iron Man

Iron Man!

He really inspires me… he tries and fails repeatedly, but does he give up? No.

I know this is a modern film, but I can see why kids would want to work here.

Who doesn’t want to help build a flying, laser shooting, suave iron suit?



So, is the magic back?

Hopefully, but even if it’s not I bet you can’t wait to get home, get comfy and put on your favourite film!

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Happy Friday!

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