6 Super Creative Job Adverts to Inspire Yours

6 Super Creative Job Adverts to Inspire Yours

Believe it or not, there’s an art to making super awesome job adverts.

It takes a high level of creativity to cut through the noise and grab the attention of the best candidates.

Getting it right will not only get people clicking and applying, but it’ll also boost brand awareness too.

This in itself can benefit future recruitment campaigns, as more candidates will actively seek out employment with you before you advertise.

So, what’s the key to success?

To help inspire you, here are six very creative job adverts that caught my attention. Take a look.


6 Super Creative Job Adverts to Inspire Yours

It doesn’t get any bigger than the most popular fast-food franchise in the world, Mcdonald’s.

This bold and brash job advert seems extremely offensive at first glance.

However, if you look closely, the fine print reveals the true purpose of the job advert, based around diversity and equal opportunities.

It’s a fantastic way to grab someone’s attention, make them click and take action.

The message is very topical as well and can resonate with people from all walks of life.


6 Super Creative Job Adverts to Inspire Yours

Tonic International is renowned for its quirky and innovative job adverts, with this one topping the bill.

This cheeky take on the Apple logo is advertising for ‘A hungry designer’.

For a graphic designer, seeing creativity within an agency is imperative.

They want to work for a company or agency that’s forward-thinking and allows them to create interesting visuals.

This job advert is a perfect representation of how it can be achieved.


A U.S. school bus driver ad

6 Super Creative Job Adverts to Inspire Yours

Who knew a job advert for a school bus driver could be so witty and imaginative?

If you work in a dry industry, you need to find ways to inspire candidates to join.

For instance, if you’re operating in the corporate finance industry, there’s no need to conform to its straight-laced nature.

In fact, differentiating yourself via your marketing, sales, branding and creative job adverts can help you stand out.

This school bus advert doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Take note.

Restaurant Binnen

6 Super Creative Job Adverts to Inspire Yours

When the Dutch restaurant needed a pot washer, they somehow glamorised the role with this funky job advert.

The restaurant had some fine red lipstick and “Restaurant Binnen is looking for dishwashers” printed onto their glasses.

(Must’ve been pretty desperate for a pot washer)…

It’s quirky, different, and instantly portrays the restaurant as an awesome place to work.

Burger King

6 Super Creative Job Adverts to Inspire Yours

From Mcdonald’s to Burger King, if this blog isn’t making your belly grumble, I don’t know what will.

Interestingly, it’s the competitive nature of these two fast-food greats that makes this fun job advert a success.

In a bid to find a Marketing Manager, they chose to remove the ‘M’, due to its common association with Mcdonald’s.

It’s entertaining, cheeky and instantly makes the job role more attractive.

Like the graphic design role for Tonic, professionals working in marketing like to work for companies who push the boundaries.


6 Super Creative Job Adverts to Inspire Yours

Sometimes less is more, which is definitely the case with this job advert.

The Clothing retailer, Everlane, prides itself on “radical transparency”.

You can see this when you visit their website, with many of their cashmere products including a “Transparent Pricing” infographic to show you how much the products cost to make.

Well, they’ve used this open approach in their recruitment marketing too.

In a social media post shared a couple of years ago, Everlane wrote: “We have 1 founder and 46 CEOs. Be the 47th.”

The snappy content was accompanied by an image of the open office plan, which reflects the working environment.

In very few words, they have managed to express their values and exactly why employees want to work for them.

The true success in attracting and retaining professionals is all about how you treat them.

This creative job advert perfectly captures their positive stance towards it.

Feel inspired?

Well, you should!

The most important thing to remember when designing creative job adverts for social media, billboards and newspapers is to do something different.

Being creative may feel like a risk or a daunting prospect.

But life’s already serious enough as it is, so it pays to show a bit of personality.

Who knows, you may inspire the top-performing professionals in your industry to apply.

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