Epic Fail: 15 (Hilarious) Times People Messed Up at Work

Now I know that everyone has bad days, weeks, or even whole months every now and again at work… that’s to be expected.

But sometimes we screw up so monumentally, that we just have to give in and laugh (or we’d cry).

Hopefully, one day the following poor souls will be able to laugh about these mishaps, like we did…

1. I’m not sure either.

You shall not pass!

Or maybe you will…

I’m not too sure.





Source: Piximus

2. They were close.

I mean it’s not like a cockroach doesn’t have eight legs, fur, a web… oh wait.

Why anyone would want to buy this in the first place is more of a conundrum for me.




Source: Imgur

3. Security Level: 100.

Glad I know who to call when I need a barrier installed!

At least no one is walking on the grass.





Source: Imgur

4. February 30th.

Is it me, or does something seem a little off?

Well, either way, it’s not these eggs – they’ll never go out of date!





Source: Dump a Day

5. Useless item of the week.

“Microwave containers: they do exactly what it says on the tin…”

Or not.




Source: Dump a Day

6. This is twisted.

Now, I’m not a fashion genius or anything, but I feel like there could be something slightly wrong with this picture.





Source: Dump a Day

7. I hope this was a mistake…

Now, does say to love your imperfections and I completely agree with that…

…But seriously?





Source: Imgur

8. The lazy person’s guide to colouring.

Welcome to the colouring books of today, folks!





Source: The Berry

9. Seems legit.

If toy guns promote violence, what the heck do these do?






Source: Team Jimmy Joe

10. Emergency Shut Off Switch.

Does it appear in emergencies… Or…?






Source: Icantwatchitsnotoveryet

11. 9 Days a week.

Wait, have I been getting this wrong my whole life?





Source: Pinterest

12. When life gives you lemons…

Apparently you can’t make lemonade.

But orange juice sounds great!






Source: Pinterest

13. What breed are these?

Those are some funny looking puppies.






Source: Team Jimmy Joe

14. At least it’s still cake…

I do feel as if there was a slight miscommunication here.






Source: Team Jimmy Joe

15. It is a soap dispenser after all.

I have no words for this.






Source: Funoramic


So, if you’re having a bad day just pull up this post and remember that you are not the only one. We’ve all been there!!!

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Have a great weekend!

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