8 Ideas to Help You Find Your Side Hustle

8 Ideas to Help You Find Your Side Hustle

8 Ideas to Help You Find Your Side Hustle

You’re here because you’re interested in starting your own side hustle. Great!

Although I’m guessing you’re struggling to come up with something to do?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Below I’ve listed eight side hustles you could really give a go.

They’re all flexible in terms of time, so you can fit them around anything. All you’ve got to do is keep it up!

Check them out…

1. Modelling for art

If you can find the right sort of people, this is a great side hustle to get into.

All you have to do is sit and pose in front of an artist so that they can paint/draw you.

Sounds fun, right?

Well, if it doesn’t then just think about this: you could be the next Mona Lisa.

(Probably not, but you could be).

2. Charity flippers

I go into charity shops regularly and quite often find a gem or two.

Thing is, people aren’t actually aware of the things that they’re giving away, they just think that “oh it’s Dad’s coat” or “oh it’s Grandma’s necklace”.

Lucky for me, they’re more than that and are usually worth a lot more than what they’re being sold for.

So, pop down to your local charity shop and have a quick look for a bargain or two then try your luck at selling it.

You can use means such as Facebook Marketplace or even sites such as eBay and GumTree.

They’ve all got their perks so maybe try them all and see which works best for you.

3. Advertising

Got a flurry of followers on social media?

If you do then you could be making money off them!

Now, you know how much I love anecdotes and I’ve got a great one for you.

Back a few years ago my friend’s daughter had joined “Tumblr”, a social media site, and quickly amassed over 250k followers.

Then she started getting offers for advertising on her blog in return for money.

So, per click she’d be making a poor amount of money, but because she had so many followers she was earning over £1.5k a month from that alone.

Plus, she’d receive free gifts from companies regularly such as T-shirts, trainers, and other promotional items.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

4. AirBnB

We all, by now, have at least heard of AirBnB.

If you haven’t, you have now.

AirBnB allows people to rent out space, such as a garage; room or whole house, to other people.

So if you’ve got a little extra space on your hands that you don’t use per say, then why not put it up?

After all, you could be making money off it.

5. Help other people out

There are apps out and about that allow you to pick up small jobs and in return people pay you for it.

Take Pickle or TaskRabbit, for instance.

The users can post “jobs”, which I’ve noticed range from serious jobs to things like “be my friend!”, and then you can choose which one you want to do and see how much you can make.

Not all of the jobs are paid but there are plenty that are.

Plus, you can choose to do local jobs or ones that are a little further away – they’re all displayed on a map.

There are other apps that you can make money using too, you can check those out here: 7 Apps You Can Use to Start a Side Hustle.

6. Fiverr

If you’re a little more serious about your side hustle, you could consider Fiverr.

This is a site for more specialised work such as design, writing, or anything really.

It’s a great place to turn your hobby into a business so give it a look.

On average, hence the name, you’ll make around £5 a gig, but they take a little out of it so it’s not quite your full £5.

That said, you can add extras to boost the price, so it’s not all bad!

7. Private Travel Consultant

I regularly find myself browsing holiday sites and checking out the latest deals.

Are you the same?

If you are you could set yourself up as a private travel consultant.

All you’ve got to do is grow your customer base and find them the cheapest holiday deals.

Whether that’s through a holiday provider or a mixture of sites, you can add a small fee and gain profit for your knowledge.

8. Trade in a paperclip

Now, this one is a really, really (really) interesting story.

One man took a paperclip and traded it for something else.

Then he took his new item and traded that – and so on and so forth.

This continued all the way up until he was offered a house.

Yep, that’s right, a house.

You can read more about his story here.


So I’ve given you a few ideas to kick-start your side hustle, but it’s down to you.

You’re best off taking something that you enjoy and making it into something bigger.

After all, we all want to work doing something we enjoy and you never know where it will lead to.

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Happy Friday!

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