8 Jobs You Dreamed of Having as a Child (That Actually Exist)

8 Jobs You Dreamed of Having as a Child (That Actually Exist)

8 Jobs You Dreamed of Having as a Child (That Actually Exist)

Remember back when you were young, your parents or teachers would ask you what you’d want to be?

A lot of generic answers would be “a princess!” or “a singer!”, and they’d always be seen as something creative that you’d only be able to fantasise about being.

Well! I’ve got some brilliant news for you that’s about to bring your dreams back to life.

You can be a princess (or a prince) and you can be a singer!

It’s not only for the rich and famous, you know.

So, without further ado, here are a few generic jobs we dreamed about having as kids, that you can actually pursue a career in.

1. Princess/Prince

When we were younger, I’m sure we all (at some point) had at least a little, tiny thought about what it would be like to be royalty.

We all wanted to go to the ball, rescue the princess, and be the hero(ine).

And it’s only natural to feel that way. Children look up to characters that are charismatic, and always successful. They want to be that person.

Although, a lot of people lose that dream when they get a little bit older, why? Because people often tell them that they can’t achieve that dream, they’re never going to be a prince/princess and they need to “grow up”.

That’s wrong, actually.

If you still have that burning desire to prance around all day, living the best life, then Disney can offer you that opportunity.

The only thing is that you would have to pack up your bags and move to Paris, but hey – that’s not exactly a downside!

You can check out more about becoming a cast member here.

2. Ballerina

Have you got a rhythm in your feet that you just can’t seem to get rid of?

Ballet is actually a really good career to get into, performing in shows across the country (or even the world!).

The other side to ballet is that you could in fact teach it. Then you’d be doing ballet all day every day, helping the younger generations to feel the same appreciation and love for the art that you do.

Obviously, it’s easier to get into a career doing ballet from a young age. There are various schools of dance that help place you into musicals and kick-start your career.

However, if you’ve gone past that point, you could always start up your own ballet group.

All you have to do is scrub up on your dance skills, and then market it to your friends, local schools and the community.

You’re bound to get an interest, especially if it’s at a reasonable price.

3. Singer

Let’s be honest, there’s still a part of you now that wants to be recognised at the greatest singer in the world, right?

Well, singing isn’t the easiest career to get into, and it’s not always suitable for everyone to be the biggest name in the industry.

However, there are other jobs that allow you to sing your days away.

For instance, you could do backing music for advertisements, sing in movies or musicals, teach, or anything else on this list.

It’s not the most difficult thing to do, but you should really think about networking in order to make the most of your career if you’re freelancing.

4. Police Officer

This one really applies to any public services role. Becoming a police officer, firefighter, paramedic, isn’t as hard as it may seem.

Yes, it could be a little lengthy, but with things like the special constables you could gain experience part-time.

It’s unpaid, so don’t rely on it to bring in income, but you perform the same role as regular officers.

The idea behind it is to give people the opportunity to give back to the community, or to work their way up to a career as a police officer.

The minimum commitment is four hours a week, but spread over evenings or all in one on a weekend, that’s nothing!

If you’re interested just search your local police service and they should have something regarding it on their website.

5. Astronaut

This one’s a little bit more technical, but not impossible.

To apply to be an astronaut within the UK you have to have at least 1,000 hours of flying experience in a high performance aircraft, or have a PhD in a subject such a science (biology/chemistry/physics), maths, engineering or IT.

Obviously there are a few skills you’ll need too, like the ability not to panic when things go wrong… I mean, it could be disastrous if you did panic.

Although, if you’re dead set on going into outer space, getting either of these things you’ll need at least three years’ experience (which isn’t actually that much). So, start today and you’ll be done by 2021!

And when you’re ready to make your application, feel free to check this out.

6. Vet

This one seems great as a fantasy, but if you think about it in reality it’s not as joyful as you’d expect.

I personally love animals, but I wouldn’t have what it takes to be a vet.

It really is a job for someone who’s headstrong and able to cope with a lot of stress.

Whilst you’ll definitely get a huge boost from helping animals get better, you’ll also have to deal with the ones who don’t.

So, if you’re up for it, 100%, here’s some more information to help you out.

7. Nurse

Getting a job as a nurse is actually quite easy.

The UK is in dire need of nurses, so a career in this field isn’t actually as far out of reach as you’d expect.

In fact, 94% of students get a job within six months of finishing their course. That makes it the most employable type of degree in the UK!

That doesn’t mean that you have to do a degree through university, though.

You could consider doing an apprenticeship with the NHS, though these are a lot rarer and harder to get hold of.

8. Teacher

Again, this one isn’t that far out of reach.

The UK is, like nurses, after teachers desperately.

I personally believe the best part about teaching is that you can teach anything.

Whatever you love, you can teach. Whether that’s in a school or in a class outside of education, if you’ve got a skill you can teach it!

That’s the other side to teaching, going freelance. You could offer private lessons and charge higher rates depending on how popular your classes are/skilled you are.

So, broaden your horizons and consider teaching!

You could also do a TEFL course, which is helpful if you’d like to move abroad to teach.


What was your dream job as a child? We’d love to hear it.

Just drop us a note in the comments below, or feel free to start a conversation with us on Twitter.

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