10 Ridiculous Memes Most Office Workers Will Relate To

10 Ridiculous Memes Most Office Workers Will Relate To

So, it’s Friday; it’s been a stressful week at work and you feel like you need to take a quick breather…

Not a problem! We’ve got you covered.

We all have bad days (or even weeks) in the office. Here are some ridiculous memes that you might just identify with.

1. When you show the new employee around the office…

Source: Twitter

2. When you’ve started your diet for the third time this month…

Source: Social Talent

3. So you go to get your healthy snack from the fridge, but it’s gone…

Source: Imgur

4. …So you just give in to the donuts.

Source: Imgur

5. Obviously, it’s Wednesday!

Source: Smash

6. When you take apart the printer but there’s no paper stuck anywhere…

Source: Imgur

7. Winter is coming…

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8. When your boss asks if you can write a five page report for tomorrow morning and it’s 3pm…

Source: Imgur

9. When you get your payslip and it’s nowhere near what you calculated…

Source: Viral Thread

10. You – right now.

Source: 50 Best


Hopefully you don’t actually have a place where you sit and cry at work… (if you do it might be time to reconsider where you’re working).

But when the stress mounts and days drag, there’s probably been at least one time when you’ve related to one of these memes.

What is it with printers and paper jams? Seriously.

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Happy Friday!

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