The Oddest Christmas Jobs

The Oddest Christmas Jobs

We all look forward to Christmas, but normally it’s because of the presents, the food and the chance to put our feet up with the family after a long year.

For some people though, Christmas is the busiest time of the year.  An army of seasonal workers conspire to make this the most magical time of the year for everyone, and some of the jobs that surface at Christmas will make you either green with envy or grateful for your 9-5, whichever way you look at it.

Sadly the positions are full for this year, but you can always apply for 2015…

Here are five of the strangest Christmas jobs that have been advertised in Britain this year:

1. Reindeer Walker

Carsons Garden Centre in Hampshire knows that reindeer bring in the younger crowd, but somebody needs to take care of them. So it advertised for two reindeer walkers, who would also feed the animals and introduce them to the visitors.

2. Ice rink hand-holder

On the run up to Christmas, temporary ice rinks are a popular addition to many city centres and literally anybody can strap on a pair of skates and hit the ice.

Unfortunately not everybody can actually skate. So ‘Ice Marshalls’ have to go beyond simply handing out skates, they sometimes have to help people out when they’re struggling.

3. Santa

OK, well, being Santa isn’t a very odd job, but we thought we’d list it anyway given how few people do it!

Everyone knows that Santa can’t be everywhere, not without the dedicated assistance of an army of helpers dressing up in a well worn suit and uncomfortable false beard.

Shopping centres, garden centres and more require not so secret Santas every year, so if you’re good with kids and can stay in character, then keep an eye on your local agency listings in November.

4. Harrods’ Window Dresser

To say you’ve missed the boat this year would be putting it mildly, Harrods start its build-up to Christmas in August.

The London institution takes its responsibilities seriously and works tirelessly to create an epic display that will bring in the crowds, so if you’ve got a stunning idea for a winter wonderland, then get in touch now and you might find yourself working in one of the world’s retail hotspots next year.


5. Christmas Tree Decorator

We all love dressing the Christmas Tree, it’s one of those experiences that takes us back to childhood and gives us all a warm, fuzzy glow. That’s when we do it once…

Doing it over and over might take a little of the magic from proceedings.  That’s the dream that Frosts Landscape Construction was selling earlier this year, as it offered a ‘tree dressing service’ to the people of Milton Keynes.

If Christmas jobs aren’t your thing, or if you’re looking for a new challenge in the New Year, make sure you search our live jobs and see if we’ve got anything right for you.

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