10 (Pretty Odd) Productivity Tips

10 (Pretty Odd) Productivity Tips

Wish you could be just a little bit more productive at work?

rabbit cartoon rolling his eyes, tired and boredBored of hearing the same old advice: “write a list,” “get up earlier,” “do some exercise”? SNORE.

Well, we’ve got an extra special treat for you this week: 10 weird and wonderful productivity tips that you’ll actually (probably) want to try!

(Good luck convincing your boss…)

1. Play with a puppy.

Apparently, pet-friendly workplaces actually boost productivity!

Bringing your pooch to the office will reduce stress (you try feeling stressed when you’re stroking little Frank the pug) boost job satisfaction and make you feel more loyal towards your business.

And that’s a pretty obvious recipe for an engaged, hard-working and passionate workforce.

(Check it out, here.)

2. Or just look at pictures of puppies!

cute puppySo, your boss absolutely refuses to let you bring Buster into work… there’s still a way to get your cute-animal, productivity fix.

Studies in Japan (click here for more info) show that workforces were more engaged, happy and productive after looking at pictures of puppies, pandas and kittens.

Sounds like a great excuse to check out those hilarious cat videos on YouTube!

3. Take a nap.

Seems pretty counter-intuitive right? Seen as you can’t do anything while you’re sleeping…

Well, studies have shown that taking a midday nap at work can immediately boost your energy, focus and productivity.

And all you really need is ten minutes (although you don’t have to tell your boss that bit).

So next time you’re feeling drained, unmotivated and/or in need of revitalisation, don’t feel bad; have a power nap!

4. Nibble on chocolate.

Woman Eating a large block of chocolateWell this just brightened up my day.

The cocoa in chocolate can improve blood flow to the brain and boost your productivity, with a little injection of caffeine too!

Great news from the sweet tooth-s among us!

Check out this blog, to discover more healthy (and unhealthy) foods that will boost your brainpower!

5. Create a “productivity playlist”.

As I’m sat writing this blog, I’m listening to a Spotify playlist filled with Film Scores.

These work for me because…

  • There are no lyrics (words can be so distracting when you’re trying to write).
  • I don’t know most of the songs (therefore I’m not subconsciously humming along).
  • They’re all fast-tempo and upbeat, building my energy and speeding me up.

But it’s all a case of personal preference and what spurs you on specifically.

Click here for some more great ideas on productive tunes, to inspire you!

6. Surround yourself with yellow.

office with yellow chairs and lampsThere’s a lot of advice out there about creating a productive workspace.

But one of the easiest and most entertaining tips is to simply inject a little yellow into your environment.

Apparently the bright colour will suppress melatonin (the sleep hormone) boosting your energy and keeping you productive and proactive for longer.

Of course, your boss may not fancy the idea of painting the entire office yellow but you could change your desktop background, buy yellow stationery or even wear yellow!

7. Stop multi-tasking.

 Surely you’re saving time by doing multiple things at once? False.

If you give one task 100% of your focus, then you’re bound to get it done quicker (and better).

If you’re doing multiple things, stopping and starting and getting distracted, then you’re simply not working efficiently.

“Multitasking splits the brain. It creates something researchers have called “spotlights”. So all your brain is doing is to frantically switch between the activity of eating, to writing an email, to answering chat conversations.” lifehacker.com

You’re definitely not going to do as good a job as you could have done!

8. Go green.

flowers sat on a window sill looking out on a cityDid you know that surrounding yourself with plants and greenery could enhance your mood as well as giving you a great productivity boost?

Scientists say it has something to do with giving your brain something new to look at (other than the same old phone, computer and stationery) and thus, giving it “a rest”.

But if you think about it; there could be an even simpler explanation too…

Bringing plants into the office will make you feel more at home, boosting your mood and as a result, your work ethic (just like the puppies did)!

Why not grab yourself some daffs? That way you’ll have your green and yellow covered!

9. Stand up.

In a normal office, you’ll see two things happen as the day rolls on…

  • People slowly getting more hunched, slumped, comfy and cosy at their desks.
  • People generally losing motivation and increasingly lacking productivity.

It’s easy to see why; being sat in the same position for hours on end is bound to drain the batteries.

However by standing up and working, you’re introducing a level of discomfort, which requires more energy, more focus and more determination (you’ll want to finish quicker).

Put simply, you’re not just sat, slowly stewing, staring into your computer screen.

(You can even buy standing desks now very trendy!)

10. Get NAKED.

Businessman caught in the act with his trousers offI must admit, I had to stumble across this little titbit a few times online before I decided it must be an actual thing!

Whether it’s down to the exhilarating fear of getting caught or the fact that we all just feel a little bit freer, happier and more passionate when we’re naked, apparently baring all will increase your productivity.

Naked Fridays anyone?

Got any ideas of your own?

Hope this post helped! (Or just put a smile on your face).

If you’ve got any other weird and wacky productivity tips, just pop them in the comment section below – we’d love to hear from you!

Recruiter Pro Tip.

I’ll leave you with some slightly more realistic (albeit boring) productivity tips…

  • Get things done during your commute.
  • Set aside a ‘power-hour’ at the start of the day.
  • Set yourself targets and reward yourself for reaching them.
  • Take your breaks!
  • Set yourself a bed-time.

Click here to find out more!

If you’d like some tips on how to keep your workforce feeling engaged, happy and productive, click here to check out our employee engagement blog.

Happy Friday folks!

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3 years ago

Impressive article! For myself, getting distracted from the work in the office is very much normal nowadays. And it becomes even more difficult to focus on the work if you’re doing something very much boring.

I’m glad that you have shared some productivity tips which might help me out. Let’s try them out. Thanks…

2 years ago

Quite an interesting post for me… It has become one of my favorite post as every point is very useful for me. Thanks for posting it and keep it up…

Jude bray
Jude bray
1 year ago

Amazing productivity Tips. Let me try to boost my work productivity and back to you.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jude bray
1 year ago

It’s really amazing tips. IT help me lot. Let me try to boost my work productivity and back to you.