office romance infographic snippet

The 10 Pros and Cons of an Office Romance [Infographic]


office romance infographic

Does love conquer all?

Ok, so our infographic is more of a lighthearted piece, than a post filled with dead serious, business advice… but it is a Friday!

(Perhaps your office is full of idiots – like this lot – and you’re repulsed by the idea of  ‘romancing’ any of them… in which case, I apologise.)

Recruiter Pro Tip.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting that you should (or shouldn’t) have an office romance.

I’ve known couples that met at work and have been happy together for years… and I’ve also known those who didn’t have such a happy story.

It’s just probably a good idea to consider all of the pros and cons before crossing that line (and considering the legal implications).

And anyway, workplace friendships can be JUST as fulfilling (but in a different way, obviously) – click here to find out why.

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Good luck romancers!

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