10 Strange Employment Laws You’ll Find Across the Globe [Guest Infographic]

Do you love living on the edge and breaking the rules?

Then pick your working environment carefully. Because if you break the wrong rules, the repercussions can be huge.

What if breaking a rule costed you income? Or even your job?

And some laws are quite unique. You may not even know you’re doing something wrong…

That’s why we compiled this helpful infographic by Legacy Citizenship.


Unsure if this is relevant to you?

If you have a beard, these guidelines are important. Did you know you can’t wear one when employed by the municipality of Isesaki, Japan?

And if you love hats, refrain from wearing them to work. It could cost you 10% income in New Zealand.

Yes, these are all—strange—documented laws. And there are much more around the globe.

Stay informed, so you’re on the right side of the law and can keep enjoying your work.

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3 years ago

Hi Mark,

This gave me a good chuckle, and I love the infographic. I’d love to know however where you get these facts from – I work in HR in New Zealand and have never heard any employment legislation related to funny hats….