11 Tech Accessories Every Modern Office Should Have

11 Tech Accessories Every Modern Office Should Have [Guest Blog]

Kitting out your office with the latest tech available will not only boost productivity, but you will also be giving your staff a bit of joy every time they make themselves a cuppa in the morning.

Here are 11 of the tech accessories you should be looking to invest in:

1. Gest

Gest is a new piece of wearable tech that lets you control a gadget (computer, phone, tablet) with your hand gestures, allowing for a more intuitive workflow.

You can now type while walking around the office, removing the confines a desk used to pose.

Not to mention you can use a simple swipe to mute the music you had blasting before the boss walked in, or flick a finger to pull up the latest annual report.

Source: gest.co

2. Stagg EKG

A modern twist of the age-old kettle, the Stagg will allow you to brew a cup of the good stuff even at your desk.

Perfect for those who need a steady influx of caffeine to get through a huge to do list.

Just don’t forget to take the Gest gloves off while you are making it.

Source: amazon.com

3. USB Cup Warmer

While we are on the subject of caffeinated drinks, don’t you just hate it when they get cold?

With a USB cup warmer, you will never have to drink cold tea again, eliminating another small obstacle to getting the job done.

A perfect Secret Santa gift if you ask me.

Source: amazon.com

4. Newton’s Cradle

Not technically a piece of tech, but a great way to remind yourself of the energy you need to invest at the start to get things going.

Perfect for the office desk, and a great conversation starter.

And let’s admit it, it simply looks very very cool, and will certainly boost your own sense of business worth.

Didn’t Pepper Potts have one of these?

Source: amazon.com

5. DeskCycle

Let’s admit it, we don’t exactly get enough time to exercise, do we?

Enter the DeskCycle, the perfect way to stay in shape, boost your productivity and brain power, and not fall asleep during a boring staff meeting.

Just slide it under your desk, and you are ready to paddle away!

Source: deskcycle.com

6. Desk Vacuum

If you ever eat at your desk, you will know just how much of a mess a croissant can make.

A handy desk vacuum will help you continue to work in a clean environment, eliminating a bit of the stress, and the excuse of having to get up and clean your desk yourself.

Not to mention, your desk will be clean.

(I love a clean desk).

Source: amazon.com

7. AirBar

The AirBar turns any screen into a touchscreen – perfect for meetings when you need to be pointing and clicking at charts and bars.

Just connect it to your device (works with Windows 10 laptops and Macs), and you are ready to go.

A bit better than the old stick, isn’t it?

Source: amazon.com

8. Hardware Encrypted HDDs and SSDs

Instead of encrypting each file individually, why not encrypt the drive itself, thus making sure no information can ever be breached.

With data theft being at an all-time high, having a secure portable device has become imperative.

Investing in one of these gadgets will do the trick perfectly.

Source: fantomdrives.com

9. A Label Writer

Labelling can save a lot of headaches around the office.

You can use your nifty labels to mark your desks, drawers, storage units, not to mention the time it will save you in printing out bar codes or shipping labels.

A gadget like this is the perfect excuse to get everyone organised and remove any insecurities around the office about which jar holds the vegan cookies.

Source: amazon.com

10. A Solar Window Charger

If you are looking for ways to go green at the office, and at the same time save a bit on your utility bills, a solar window charger will do just the thing.

Provided you get enough sunlight at the office, this handy device can charge a cell phone!

Plus, it saves you from having to look for an extra socket or unplug the microwave.

Source: kwikcharger.com

11. Multi-Device Keyboard

If you have ever wished you had an extra pair of hands, the multi-device keyboard could be the answer.

While it won’t exactly let you type on multiple devices at once, you can dock a phone and a tablet into it, and switch between the two with a simple click.

Since you doubtless type faster on a physical keyboard than a touchscreen, this gadget could save you some valuable time too.

Source: amazon.com

Final Thoughts

Investing in any of these devices will surely boost employee morale and activity just a tiny bit.

Since all of them are also designed to boost productivity, you will certainly be proud of your choice, whichever gadget you go for.

With the use of electronics deals, you can also save a bit and perhaps invest in an even niftier gadget next time.

Thanks Andrea!

These are incredible.

As we all know, I’m not the fondest of technology but these have really blown my mind.

Now… I wonder when my Gest will turn up…

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