World's Scariest Jobs: Would you be a "snake milker?"

The 10 Scariest Jobs In the World [SlideShare]

It’s Halloween on Monday (as if you didn’t already know…)

So we’ve got rather a spooktacular Friday Funny for you this week. So turn up the Monster Mash and prepare… to be scared!!!

Do you think your job is scary? Think again…

Have we got your spooked?

Wow – you need to have some really big pumpkins to survive these jobs. I’m not sure what’s worse, the creepy crawlies or the blood and guts!

Every job can be scary. We have to put up with…

But you know what they say; do something every day that scares you…

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Happy (early) Halloween folks.

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Everett Hargrave
Everett Hargrave
7 months ago

To many adds.