46 Things You Should Really Avoid Saying to Your Boss

There are things that, as a manager, you just don’t expect to hear.

Although, that doesn’t mean that you don’t hear them.

Not everyone seems to have the best working filter in the world, and really struggle to even consider the fact that what they’re saying could be a bit, well… strange.

I’ve had a few things said to me, but I did turn to the internet, friends and family to grow the list.

I couldn’t stop laughing for a few of them. The others? I just couldn’t stop cringing.

So! Prepare to cringe…

46 things you should really avoid saying to your boss infographic


All cringed out? I know I am.

Honestly, I’ve been called “dad” accidentally by someone at work before and even that’s difficult to laugh off.

Yet some of these really push it past the mark. Do people really think that it’s okay to say some of these things?!

If you’ve ever accidentally said anything you regretted at work, or if you have had a co-worker/employee say something they shouldn’t have, I’d love to know.

Just drop a comment in the box below or reach out to us and start a conversation on Twitter.

Here’s a pretty useful article on how to get over awkward moments at work: How to Deal with Social Awkwardness At Work

Anyway! If you’d like to try and forget about what you’ve just read, feel free to check out these:

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