7 Strange Ways to Increase Your Creativity

7 Strange Ways to Increase Your Creativity

We all have a creative block sometimes.

It’s particularly annoying if your job is content-based.

I mean, I know I’m a creative genius and all but even I have my days!

So, to help you out I’ve put together a few ideas of ways to increase your creativity.

If you’ve got any ideas of your own, or ways that you genuinely use, let us know on Twitter or in the comments below!


And by play I mean play like you were eight years old again.

Head to one of those trampoline parks and loosen up a bit.

Or you could go to a soft-play for adults… They have those, you know.

Another idea is to get the Lego out and build the best thing you can think of.

Even starting out with something like a house, then editing it and upgrading it will help.

The theory is that if you relax a little and go back to basics, you’ll soon find that your mind will clear.

Plus, let’s be honest, kids are unbelievably creative.

Visit a different country

This might not be an option for everyone, but if it is then you should definitely go for it.

Having a total culture shock isn’t a bad thing.

Many countries do things very differently to the way we do things in the UK.

Strip back from the tech, and head out to a rural area or go and see sites you’ve always wanted to see.

Famous landmarks are usually famous for their creativity, after all.

Invent a sandwich

I genuinely mean this.

Which foods go together?

Actually, which foods do you think don’t go together?

Break all the rules! 

You’re never going to get outside of the box without breaking the boundaries.

(One sandwich you should try, by the way, is cheese and jam… It’s great).

You never know, you could come up with a masterpiece.

Have a drink

I’ve definitely had interesting ideas whilst I’ve been under the influence of alcohol.

There’s always a point in the night where you reach the conversation of business ideas.

(Maybe it’s just me, but you should give it a go).

Keep them in mind, then when you’re back to your sober self, iron out the creases.

No idea is a bad idea, they can just be improved.

Make a note of your dreams

I don’t often dream, but when I do it’s usually pretty out of the norm.

There’s an idea in everything, so make a note of the dreams that you’re having an go back over them.

Are there any hidden gems in there?

If not, that’s okay!

You can always work on your creativity by trying to expand on your stories and thoughts.

Where’s the story going next?…

Sit in a public place

Sitting in a coffee shop, or on a bench in a busy shopping centre, gives you the chance to observe people.

Put down your phone and look out for different types of people.

Maybe someone’s complaining? What are they complaining about?

If you aren’t in earshot, then try and make something up.

Then you can try and solve their problem – what’s the most ideal way you could solve it?

Plus, try and come up with the most obscure way to solve their problem too.

Have a debate

One thing my friend and I do regularly is discuss controversial topics in a “debate” format.

It means that we’re able to take on an opinion that we may not necessarily agree with, but have to argue the point anyway.

It’s great fun actually.

Plus, it gets your brain working hard since you’re having to find a way to “win” the argument.


Hopefully I’ll have helped you at least start to break down the creative barrier you’ve got going on.

And I hope you manage to get your creative juices flowing!

So, have you got a great way that helps you get creative?

If you do, I’d love to hear it, just drop it in the comments below.

Happy Friday!

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