5 Workers Share Their “Nightmare Client” Stories

5 Workers Share Their "Nightmare Client" Stories

Have you ever had to deal with a client who maybe wasn’t the nicest of people?

I’ve had my fair share.

There was one client who told me I was no good at my job and she hoped I got fired.

It bothered me then, but now I have my own – successful – recruitment business so I’m glad I didn’t lose my job or quit.

Anyway, I think my story was pretty mild in comparison to some of the ones I’ve found for this week’s Friday Funny.

Have a read…

1. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

“While working Black Friday a customer came up to me yelling, saying that she didn’t have time to wait in line to buy her pillows.

I tried to explain that it was Black Friday, and that our lines were expected to be slightly longer than usual, but that she should be checked out within 15 minutes.

Obviously this didn’t satisfy her because she starts to throw all the pillows at me, saying this was ‘ridiculous’ and that she wasn’t going to wait that long just to buy pillows.

To top it all off she said, ‘You can do your job now and put those away,’ and stormed off.


2. Sounds like a bundle of joy

“One time a customer came in to make a return, but I couldn’t accept it because he had already worn the shoes.

He argued that he had only worn them once, but it was clear that he had probably been wearing them for at least six months.

When I informed the man that there was nothing I could do, this grown-ass person cursed me out in a store full of people before proceeding towards the exit, turning around, and lobbing the wooden-soled shoes at me.

Luckily I was able to the catch the one headed toward my head, but I was still hit in the abdomen.

I filed charges, but nothing came of it.”


3. It’s all about the coleslaw

“I was working at KFC and we had a coleslaw shortage for an entire week.

We had a lot of annoyed customers but one man was really upset about it.

We had a sign on the door that said we were out of coleslaw, and he comes in saying that he hopes we’re joking and that we can’t actually be out of coleslaw.

He started throwing napkins, cups, and even our chairs around the restaurant, and my manager told me to calm him down.

I offered him two mac and cheese sides and extra chicken in his 20-piece bucket, which he accepted as a replacement, and we were able to get him out of the restaurant.”


4. Starbucks.

“My coffee shop wasn’t a Starbucks. We were in no way affiliated with Starbucks, nor did we have any signage that looked like Starbucks.

But a woman came in, placed a huge order, and tried to pay with her Starbucks app—and then got mad at me when I said we couldn’t accept it.

This happened more times than it really should have: Someone would come in and order a cappuccino.

But when they received it, they’d stare at it with confusion and say, ‘This is hot. I wanted a Frappuccino.’

We’re not even Starbucks.”


5. Who doesn’t want a reindeer?

One day a man called up and asked if we sold reindeer.

I talked him through the range of LED light reindeers we had.

He then explained he meant real reindeer at which point I put the phone down thinking he was a mate playing a prank.

Then, he came to the shop asking why we’d put the phone down.

He really wanted to buy a real life reindeer.

From a garden centre.



I’m glad I’m not these people.

In fact, I’m glad I haven’t encountered anyone like the people that they have!

Do you have any nightmare client stories you’d like to share with us?

If you do, leave it in the comments below or you can reach out to us on Twitter.

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Happy Friday!

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