7 Unfortunate Wardrobe Malfunctions from the Workplace

7 Unfortunate Wardrobe Malfunctions from the Workplace

We’ve all had those days where we just can’t get comfortable in what we’re wearing at work.

Whether that be because we’re at the end of the week and we’ve had to wear our least favourite shirt, or perhaps we’re just not comfortable in work attire in general.

However, most of us (hopefully) have not quite encountered wardrobe malfunctions to the extent that these poor people have.

I cringe for them!

The wrong pair

“A common “clothing malfunction” I have at work is realizing I’m wearing mismatched shoes.”

Source: The Grind Stone

Can you blame them?

“I was walking down a hall at work and got a funny look off one of the managers.

Looked down — yesterday’s underpants were hanging out of the leg of my jeans.

In my defense, I’d had an 8-hour turnaround between shifts.”

Source: Refinery 29

We all know someone…

“I managed to get my skirt tucked in to my undies on a bathroom break and walked through the entire building (a warehouse and offices) without noticing until I went to sit down.

The entire staff saw my cash and prizes. Whoopsie.”

Source: Wedding Bee

Bare feet?

“I drove 1.5 hours for work one day — a typical commute in the area.

When I was getting out of the car, I realized that I had no shoes on.

I like to walk and drive with bare feet, and usually I have a pair of shoes in the car. But that day, I couldn’t find any shoes in the car.

I acted as if all was normal and no one, not even my coworkers mentioned a word about me not having shoes on the whole day.”

Source: Business Insider

Flying low…

“I was a greeter at Hallmark and had my fly down the entire day. There was a sidewalk sale so it was extra busy.”

Source: The Grind Stone

The Wall of Shame

“I was wearing a corset-style top which zipped up instead of laced at the back.

I was at a work night out and was standing talking to my senior leadership team when I took a deep breath, felt a pop and a slight breeze. My zipper had given up, and my top was falling forward and off in slow motion.

My senior leadership team formed a wall of shame around me and shuffled me to the ladies’, where I ended up borrowing someone’s vest to wear to get home.”

Source: Refinery 29

Oh dear…

“As a dishwasher, you’re constantly restocking the cooking line with dishes. So, I probably made about 10-15 trips around the back of the restaurant in that 30 minutes.

Eventually, I came to the realization that I had a string of toilet paper flapping out of the rear of my pants the entire time.

It was so long that it was literally dragging on the ground behind me.”

Source: Business Insider


I’m still cringing.

Hopefully your Friday isn’t going too badly, and even if it is – hopefully it’s not quite as bad as these cringe-worthy stories!

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Happy Friday!

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