4 Reasons Why Getting an Office Dog is a Great Idea

Apart from the fact that you get to be around a fluffy, four-legged friend all day, what are the business benefits to owning an office dog? Find out here.

June 20, 2023

As a dog lover, I'm particularly excited about writing this blog!

And as it goes, it was "Love Your Pet Day" this week, so I'm really inspired right now!

However, before we continue, I must admit - we don't actually have an office dog at our place. That's mainly because our office aren't suitable and we wouldn't want the poor pups to suffer.

So, before you dive head first into this blog, just keep in mind that dogs do need the right environment, before you choose to become pet-friendly.

1. Productivity

While this might seem counter-intuitive, productivity has actually been said to improve when an office dog is present.

In some minds a dog in the office could result in the "how on Earth am I going to work with such an adorable distraction?" mind frame, but that's just not the case.

Fair enough, with the first few days of introducing an office dog you may have a bit of a buzz in the office but it will soon settle down.

And when it does settle down, the office dog will encourage people to take more regular breaks - which have actually been proven to show an increase in productivity!

2. Social Engagement

Do you have awkward employees who struggle to socialise with other people in the company?

Well, an office dog is sure to help with that!

People really bond over animals, since they end up discussing interests and even just making small talk when interacting with our furry little friends.

Plus, having an office dog is a sure fire way to improve your onboarding process; it's a fabulous ice breaker for new employees.

3. Stress Reduction

Have you ever got worked up over something that just isn't going right? Perhaps you have writers block, or are struggling to make sales?

Not with an office dog you won't!

Who can be stressed when they see a fluffy little face? Not me!

4. Employer Brand

Is your workplace struggling to find new hires? Need some fresh meat?

You might as well just head over to the pet store now.

Office dogs listed as an employee benefit is going to attract top talent, especially if it means being able to bring in their own dogs.

Imagine the money they could save on pet care, such as dog sitters?

And if you're looking to attract a younger audience, i.e. millennials, they lap these types of benefits up (no pun intended).


Like I said at the start, these types of benefits really only work with an open office where the dog is able to satisfy all of their general needs.

So, before you go running to your manager (or business partner) just evaluate your situation first. You can check out some of the things to think about - here.

After all, a dog is for life!

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