The 6 Best Tools to Boost Recruitment Productivity

The 6 Best Tools to Boost Recruitment Productivity

The 6 Best Tools to Boost Recruitment Productivity

Got too much work on?

When it comes to office jobs, there are a lot of distractions to compete with and usually, not enough time.

One minute you’re called into an emergency meeting, the next you’re on the phone with a candidate for an hour, out of nowhere.

As a result, managing your workload is a monumental task and can often cause a few headaches too.

Being overwhelmed by work and pulled around like a Stretch Armstrong is a core reason why so many people resign and productivity levels drop within a company’s in-house recruitment/HR team.

In fact, a survey by Bamboo HR revealed that out of all the people who left their jobs within the first three months, 23% of them stated it was down to a lack of guidance and help.

The key to avoiding this starts with getting the basics right.

Whether you work as an HR professional or you’re the director of a business, using the right tools and methods can boost your productivity levels and provide the support your team need.

To help you get started, I’ve included a list for you to use/or try today.

1. Recruitment Bot

Surprisingly, the adoption rate by recruitment agencies for chatbots is still quite low.

However, with artificial intelligence growing in popularity, chatbots could be on the way up.

With one in place, you can instantly improve the candidate experience and reduce the need for your staff to constantly reply to simple questions.

As a result, this will free up their time and give your productivity levels a push in the right direction.

Recruitment Bot has a lot of innovative features.

For instance, a candidate can search for jobs through chat, your recruiters can focus on the best candidates by automatically screening every application and you will even be able to capture data in the process too.

Recruitment Bot is adaptable across multiple platforms of communication, so it really does have the power to cut out a few processes.

2. Beamery Pages

Beamery has one of the slickest candidate relationship software in the industry.

And now, they’ve released Beamery Pages – an add-on designed to help you attract more passive candidates.

This neat add-on allows candidates who land on your site to register their interest.

This then gives you the opportunity to store their information and keep them on file for future positions.

As a result, you can create a long-term pipeline of professionals which will make your life a lot easier when you have to fill an urgent role.

3. Codility

If you or your recruitment team find it hard to identify the best developers for a vacancy, Codility is the best solution.

This useful tool gives you the platform to create online challenges to test your developer candidates. Codility also enables you to form custom tests to suit other job specifications as well.

It’s user-friendly and perfect for helping you establish an in-depth understanding of your candidate’s ability. In turn, this should save recruitment and HR staff a bundle of time on who to progress.

And if that doesn’t sell it to you, the fact that EA Games, Indeed and Samsung use it might.

4. Textlocal

According to The State of SMS, there are 79.14 million active mobile phones in the UK and 44 million people who have opted in to receive text messages from their favourite businesses.

To delve a little deeper, around 8 million people have said yes to receiving this form of communication from recruiters.

The truth of the matter is that text messaging offers a real opportunity to instantly contact candidates and cut out any unnecessary time wasted on the phone.

With a 98% open rate, it’s almost guaranteed that your message will be read.

The UK’s number one SMS provider, Textlocal, offer a simple platform for you to quickly send and receive messages.

This tool even allows you to have any incoming texts sent directly to your email inboxes so the whole team can see them.

In theory, this should cut down response times and eliminate any extra time required picking up the phone.

5. Bamboo HR

Automation and completing smaller tasks can take a lot of time.

However, with Bamboo HR you’ll have easy onboarding tools and applicant tracking to make things a lot easier.

E-signature, time-off tracking, reporting, performance management tools and the handy mobile app enable a smarter way of working.

You can even get a free demo to see whether it’s right for your in-house HR or recruitment team.

6. YouTube

Obvious perhaps, but nonetheless YouTube is an extremely important tool.

According to Big Zoo Media, video marketing can increase the view rate of your emails by 19% by using the word ‘video’ in the subject. While 51.9% of marketers see video as the type of content with the best return on investment.

Creating video content may seem time-consuming, but in the long-run it’s a great way to speed up the recruitment process and increase productivity.

You see, posting one recruitment video detailing a job spec on LinkedIn can attract dozens of applicants.

There’s no need to headhunt, answer multiple questions on the phone or use expensive job boards.

Using YouTube as the host and posting it on other social media platforms gives your recruitment/HR team the chance to save time finding the perfect employee.

What next?

The key thing to remember is that you have to be active to be productive.

Therefore, you should go and experiment with these different platforms and pieces of software to see what can really benefit your business.

If you implement the right tools, you’ll start to see a more streamlined recruitment and HR process, plus fewer resignations landing on your table as well.

If you’d like more info on boosting your whole team’s productivity – check out this blog.

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