UK Skills Shortage: What Industries Need Your Help?

Looking for a new career? I present to you: the UK Skills Shortage. Find out in this blog post where your skills may be most advantageous. Enjoy!

June 20, 2023

Looking for a new exciting job opportunity?

Then you’re in the right place.

Despite there being 32 million people employed in the UK, there is still a skills shortage in some industries according to a recent study by Small Business Prices

So, if you’re interested in embarking on a new career path, this blog will give you all the information you need, including demand by region, job sector shortage and practical advice.

Where’s the best place to live to land a job?

If you’re open to relocating for your next job opportunity, then you may want to move to one of these places:

  • London – 30.60% most job vacancies
  • North West – 25.69% most job vacancies
  • Wales – 11.70% most job vacancies
  • West Midlands – 10.76% most job vacancies

However, it’s worth noting that London is a highly competitive place to search for work.

So if you’re relatively inexperienced, you will need to make sure that you make a personalise your CV and make a killer cover letter before applying.

In general, the North West and West Midlands are great viable alternatives as you have a number of bustling cities to choose from like Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.

Although, the overriding decision should boil down to what industry you wish to venture into.

UK job demand: what sectors need your help?

If you have the patience and desire to teach the next generation of people, secondary teaching is very much a hot job to get into.

To be precise, there’s a 132.39% demand in the South West, 100.29% in Yorkshire and the Humber and 50.10% in London.

To reach the top of the ‘food chain’, you need to get a degree and complete a teacher training course.

If this isn’t a realistic option, you can always look into teaching assistant roles.

And if you’re good with numbers, think about a career in the financial sector as well.

With such a vast array of roles from statisticians and economists to payroll clerk and junior accountant, there are a number of opportunities available to all kinds of professionals.

Once again, the South West has the greatest need with 92.37%, while London (55.10%) and the South East (19.81%) fall just behind.

Other industries suffering from a considerable skills shortage is mechanical engineering and software.

The ideal place to find work in the software field is down south (London, South West and South East) and the North West or London for mechanical engineers.

What about entry-level roles?

If you’re relatively inexperienced, you can find some really cool roles in the culinary, nursing, social worker and welding industries too.

Here’s a breakdown of the best areas to search for these roles in:

  • Chefs, cooks/culinary – London (38.50%), North West (17.42%) and South West (7.35%)
  • Nurses – North West (29.58%), London (24.80%) and Wales (1.53%)
  • Social workers – North West (48.51%), London (24.80%) and Wales (10.85%)
  • Welding – North West (96.50%), Wales (84.05%) and West Midlands (82.88%)

Most of the entry-level roles in these industries don’t usually require a degree or much experience, making them a good starting point if you’re completely new to this line of work.

For more advice on salaries, qualifications required and other important details, use the handy info on Prospects to map out your next career move.

Pro recruiter top tip

Want to work from home?

Whether you want to live a more flexible lifestyle or are looking for new opportunities, there are loads of jobs you can do from the comfort of your own home.


- Virtual assistant

- Translator

- Web developer/designer

- Copywriter/proofreader

- Online tutor

- Digital Marketer

- Animator

- Composer

If any of these professions sound good, you may want to check out our previous blog: ‘8 Jobs You Can Do If You Want to Work From Home’.

Remember, there are downsides to working from home too.

For instance, you might find it harder to socialise and bond with your team, there’s no real job security and it’s easier to get distracted as well.

To decide whether freelancing/working from home is right for you, consider reading ‘Is Freelancing Right For Me?’.


If you like the sound of any of these opportunities, you should conduct some research into finding out what it takes to be considered for a role.

Whether it’s going back into education, obtaining a qualification or just a matter of building experience, gather some details and take your first step.

Industries suffering from a skills shortage will be eager to see candidates showing an interest in what they do and will often provide support to help you reach your goal.

It’s also worth reaching out to an expert recruitment agency like us too.

Our team can advise you and help you land your very first role in your new chosen industry.

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