5 Animals That Make Great Office Pets

Really want an office pet? A tarantula? Fish? Puppy? Here are some really great reasons to go ahead! (Or to persuade your boss to do so).

June 20, 2023

If you have a suitable office, you may want to consider getting an office pet.

Why? A study found that between 75 and 95% of workers felt that having pets at work improved work-life balance, morale and relationships.

Those are figures you can't really ignore.

So, if you're ready to take the plunge, here are some animals that are great as office pets.



Males mature a lot quicker than females and only survive a few years, whereas females can live up to 25 years.

So, if you're not sure about spiders as pets, perhaps you're better off getting a male first...


Tarantulas actually only need feeding once or twice a month when they're fully grown.

However, they do live on a diet of insects so if you're not prepared to handle crickets and other creepy crawlies then maybe consider another pet.


Cleaning out tarantulas only needs to happen maybe once or twice a year, if that.

They're generally clean animals and eat all left over food. But, if you're worried about cleaning them out just add some wood lice as they'll act as natural cleaners.

Job done!


Tarantulas are actually very placid animals. Whilst they can have different personalities (e.g. move around a lot, or relatively chill) they're not really known to bite.

In fact, the writer of this blog post claims they'd rather give a child a tarantula to handle than a hamster since they're less likely to get bitten!

And generally, they don't need handling at all. Picking them up can cause their abdomen to burst so it's actually better to leave them to it.

Guinea Pig


Guinea pigs live for around 4-7 years, so they make for a great little co-worker in the office.

In comparison to a hamster, which would usually live between 1-3 years, that's a pretty long lifespan.


The diet of a guinea pig is pretty simple, and usually just comes in bags.

A lot of people like to buy organic food, though, which contains nothing harmful (although you'd expect it not to anyway, right?).

Food can be quite inexpensive, but it depends on what sort of quality cuisine you're looking for.


Again, this can be quite inexpensive too.

Some people just use a chloroplast base with a fence around it. Shops tend to overprice similar items.

Perhaps you could have a cage building contest in the office?

Other than that, they just need bedding. You can make this up with fleece, or buy packaged bedding from a pet store and they need cleaning out every 1-2 weeks.


Forewarning, most guinea pigs aren't toilet trained, so it's probably best not to get them out in the office.

However, they're not known for biting people or chewing furniture, so if you do want to get them out then just put something down on the floor.



Goldfish live between 5-10 years, but you can get fish that live a lot longer than that.

Perhaps you'd rather have exotic fish, but honestly there are 32,000 known species to choose from, so you'd better get researching!


Generally, fish just eat fish flakes when they're in a small capacity.

These aren't expensive, and last a long time.

Exotic fish may have more dietary requirements but you can always find out what's best online or in a pet store.


This is the coolest part.

You can pimp out your fish's tank with some decor, or just keep it plain and simple. Make sure you don't overcrowd them, though.

Getting a filter will help to reduce cleaning for your pet fish, but depending on how many you have etc. you'll need to clean them out every 1-2 weeks.


Whilst you can't handle your pet fish, they're hypoallergenic which is great for everyone in the office.

Plus, they're not going to make any mess. Bonus or what?

And did you know that your fish tank could actually increase productivity? True fact (but so can all office pets).



The average dog's lifespan is 10-13 years, so they're really going to become part of the family.


You can get tinned dog food, or even dry food (which is probably better for the office... you don't want that smell lingering around!).

It's all reasonably priced and most pups aren't fussy, but there are brands out there serving the gourmet options for the posher pooch.


A dog is most likely to just roam around the office, chill out in a bed or have a little play.

You don't need a cage or anything of that sort, but you're best off recognising an area as the office dog's space.

They also need to be walked and need somewhere they can go to the toilet, so keep that in mind too.


Most dogs are friendly, but some are more boisterous and playful than others.

Plus, some are more vocal which you probably wouldn't want in the office environment.

Labradors make for good office dogs, but so do smaller lap dogs too.

You should keep in mind that your pup may need training, such as knowing where to go to the toilet and what they can and can't chew.



Some cats live for quite a long time, I know a few personally that are around the age of 12/13.


This is pretty much the same as dogs.

You can get pouches or tinned food, but it's probably best to stick to dry food.


Again, the same as dogs, you're not going to need to get a cage for this furry little fiend either.

Although, you could consider getting a scratch post and a bed for your cat. This will keep them happy and entertained.


Most cats like to roam around freely, some don't like to be fussed but others crave attention.

The only thing with cats is that they malt, quite badly.

Maybe you could consider getting a Sphynx cat...

Have we convinced you?

It's quite possible that we've planted a seed in your mind now, that's going to grow into something beautiful.

If you do get an office pet, or already have one, let us know! We love animals and always want to hear about them, let us know on our Twitter page, or in the comments below.

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