9 Ways to Make Your Job Advert Really Stand Out

9 Ways To Make Your Job Advert Really Stand Out And Attract The Best People.

9 Ways to Make Your Job Advert Really Stand Out

Recruitment has never been more competitive than right now.

With so much choice out there, people are spending less time at companies and a lot more time in search of their “perfect job.”

We live in a world where people want more than just a “job,” they want something they love, something they can enjoy and something that really matters to them.

So, to ensure that your job advert stands out, you need to appeal with something that makes an impression on the heart, soul and/or wallet of your ideal candidates.

And here’s how to do that…

1. Personalise the advert.

 As a recruiter, you’ll know exactly the kind of person you are looking to hire. So it’s important that you personalise your advert with that person in mind.

  • Use their technical language.
  • Ask questions and make statements that appeal directly to them.
  • And imagine what they would want from a new job and focus on that.

Unsure who you want to hire?

Think about people (past and present) who do a similar job to the one you’re advertising…

Who are the best? What are they like? How do they tackle things?

These are the kinds of people you want to attract with your job advert.

In fact, you could even speak to these people, ask them for their opinions and get some help writing your job adverts!

2. Talk about company culture.

Small and organically growing companies may not have the money of big business, but can offer a huge cultural advantage over massive enterprises.

Small businesses are often more dynamic, have greater role flexibility and can offer more personalised perks for individuals and teams.

You should sell this in your job advert.

If you offer flexible working, then shout about it (this is a BIG thing for families). Perhaps you all get together on a Friday night together? Maybe you take part in a lot of charity work?

Use these kinds of selling points to show how you’re different and why someone would want to work with you – bearing in mind what we discussed in point 1 – what would your ideal candidate want?

3. Make it easy to read.

Many job seekers will only spend a few seconds on an advert, so ensure that the post is easy to read to avoid them glossing over it and either a) ignoring it altogether or b) applying when they’re not in the slightest bit relevant to the role (I’m sure you’ve suffered this before).

You should always get a second edit of any advert, ideally by someone outside their office to check that the language is natural, easy to understand and engaging.

Doing so can make the difference between ads that have that batch-processed, impersonal feel to them.

4. Avoid buzzwords and clichés.

Buzzwords and clichés should be banned from job adverts, for good.

They mean nothing.

If you actually take a step back and write down something honest and natural, your candidates will respect and be attracted to the opportunity so much more – seriously.

5. Use an infographic job advert.

If you really want to stand out, an infographic could be the way forward.

These tend to work better via social media (they get shared a lot) but you could also post it on certain recruitment websites and your own site.

If you do it right… it can really work to get all of the information over really quickly and impressively.

Want more info?

Check out this article: The Job Advertisement Reconstructed: Infographic Style

6. Link the advert to a video.

Keep your job advert nice and brief then link to a video on the company’s website!

Video marketing is SO popular right now – and if you create something really share-worthy, then it’ll reach much more people than a normal advert. (It could even go viral…)

And you don’t just have to talk about the company, the job and the benefits.

You could offer viewers a tour of the office, a glimpse of the (happy) people they’ll be working with and even insight into the kinds of events, projects and/or team tasks you manage, if relevant.

7. Go wild and creative.

If your role is hard to fill, then you could post a creative job advert.

For example, if you’re looking for a computer coder or app developer, you could present the job advert in code.

Or if you need an engineer, you could create a job advert that includes a technical drawing.

Need a chef? Why not create a job ad that looks like a menu?

(You get the gist).

Check out this article26 Crazily Creative Recruitment Ads – if you’d like some inspiration.

8. Shout about your values.

 Morals and values are important to people.

They want to know they’re working for a kind-hearted company that cares.

So if you have any shared values, shout about them.

For example, progressive companies of all sizes are happy to highlight their green credentials.

Companies that recycle, uses solar power or green lifestyle perks win serious kudos from this generation.

Whatever you care about, letting potential candidates know about it will really boost your employer brand – and therefore

9. Sell the lifestyle.

Many companies are limited in what they can offer when it comes to compensation and benefits – we can’t all dish out the perks like Google or Apple.

However, your job adverts can still stand out, if you advertise other advantages well.

One very simple perk could be the natural lifestyle advantages.

So for example, a coast-based company could use their location to sell surfing/diving/fishing opportunities while those near the great outdoors could promote fresh air and scenery.

Don’t leave anything positive out of your advert! It’s worth putting it in.


So… the morale of the story?

You may not be the biggest company in the world.

You may not be able to offer the highest salary or the most expensive (and sometimes silly) perks… but you can still win candidates over.

Be honest, share all of your good bits in a job advert, show off your winning personality and you’re bound to attract like-minded people.

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