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What to Wear at Work – Cracking Office Dress Codes [Infographic]

Shirt or polo? Chinos or slacks? Long sleeves or short sleeves?

Office dress codes can be a mind-boggle – especially when every single company has a different set of rules and regulations to follow.

So this week, we called in the experts, T.M.Lewin, high-quality tailors since  1898 to give us a helping hand with this fantastic infographic! (They definitely know a thing or two about getting suited and booted…)

What to wear at work - cracking office dress code inforgraphic

Are you dressing to impress?

Whether you need to leave a positive impression on interview day or want to fit the culture just right on your first day check out T.M. Lewin’s selection of suits!

Recruiter Pro Tip

You’d be surprised how dressing well (and comfortably) can boost your confidence, professional image and therefore, career in general.

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Good luck!

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