4 Vital Tips For Changing Your Career Path [Guest Blog]

4 Vital Tips For Changing Your Career Path [Guest Blog]

Changing your career path is a monumental shift that can be a daunting prospect for anyone.

It’s particularly intimidating if you’ve been in the same industry for a substantial time period.

Whatever’s inspired your change of heart, don’t worry – it’s not too late!

Today, we’re here to offer you a helping hand with 4 vital tips for a successful career change.

Here’s everything you need to know before taking the leap.

Know the risks

Before you rush into handing in your notice and waving your co-workers goodbye, it’s of vital importance that you consider all the risks associated with starting all over.

It’s unlikely that you’ll waltz into a new job straight from leaving the office, so you need to ensure you’re financially stable enough to fund yourself during the days, weeks or months of unemployment you may face.

What’s more, it’s worth considering whether your lack of experience in your new industry of choice may result in a lower salary.

With that in mind, make sure you crunch all those numbers beforehand to have a clear understanding of your minimum salary requirements.

If you lack any particular experience and credentials in your new field, it’s more than possible that you’ll be starting at the bottom of the ladder.

If you currently hold a high position within your company, you need to be mentally prepared for the adjustment to your new role and its new responsibilities.

You’re not always going to jump straight back into that position.

The best advice I can give is to keep a clear career focus in mind to try and reach your previous levels of success.

Educate yourself

As we’ve touched upon already, the biggest challenge you’re going to face when making a fresh professional start is your lack of experience and credentials.

One way to approach this is to re-educate yourself in your own time, ensuring you have a solid fundamental knowledge of your new industry.

While getting lost amongst a pile of textbooks and informational sites will no doubt help to expand your brain and stir your enthusiasm, the best way to educate yourself on an unfamiliar industry is to attend expert-led industry workshops and seminars.

This ensure you’re taught accurate and useful information first-hand from an expert in the field.

Not only that, but it looks great on your CV as proof of your pro-activity too.

Ensure your CV is up to scratch

If you’ve been set in your ways during the working week, it’s possible your CV is all but a distant memory.

Subsequently, it’s vital to make sure your CV is up to scratch if you’re to have any chance of getting your foot in the door.

Take your time on it, asking to see the style and tone of friends and family members’ CVs if you find yourself struggling.

Ensure it’s up to date with all the correct information and is angled specifically for the job in question, highlighting all relevant experience and skills you believe will be give you an advantage.

Know where to look

With your CV now up to code, the final bit of vital knowledge you’ll need for a successful career change is knowing where to find your dream job.

Here, the internet is your best friend.

Scour the hundreds of job opportunities listed on Coburg Banks, with the ability to filter listings by job title, sector and location for a seamless job-hunting experience.


Taking the plunge into a new career path is by no means an easy feat, but, by following these vital tips, you can ensure the process is as simple as possible.

Hopefully you’ll be set in your dream job in no time at all.

Thanks for the tips John!

Touching upon what John’s said, you’re not always going to land on your feet when changing careers.

It’s not an easy path to walk down, but it’s not impossible so don’t let that hold you back.

Whatever your decision, good luck!

And remember, you might have to start a bit lower down the ladder, but you’ll get there eventually.

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