21 Hilariously Sarcastic Office Notes

I know first-hand that working in an office can be hard work.

The printer that always breaks; the loo roll that never gets changed; the thief that eats someone else’s lunch…

But sometimes people try to make light of a bad situation.

Check out these great, sarcastic office notes… some friendly, some probably not!

1. The Printer Called Bob.

Is this love?









Source: Reddit

2. It’s their own fault really…

Co-workers. Who doesn’t love them?













Source: Reddit

3. Missing Person

It’s nice to know you’re missed when you’re not in the office.












Source: Reddit

4. What’s your excuse?

This office obviously has an issue with refilling the water bottle.












Source: Team Jimmy Joe

5. Microwaves

They have a point, why would you have two microwaves if you can only use one at a time?












Source: Team Jimmy Joe

6. Emergency Exit

This person seems to be having a very productive day!
















Source: The Poke

7. The office daredevil

I must admit, this really makes me feel uncomfortable.











Source: The Poke

8. False… 

It’s good to know they double check their figures!












Source: Guff

9. Toilet Humour.

I’m not sure that’s what they meant…












Source: The Sun

10. Sacarsm.

This sign worked well.










Source: The Sun

11. Flowcharts

Do you think they get asked this question a lot?














Source: The Sun

12. Label Makers

I have a feeling this is why the first label was there…











Source: The Poke

13. Oops.

I have a feeling the IT team may have left this note.










Source: Life Buzz

14. Hedgeh…og

It’s inevitable really…









Source: Funny

15. Rules

This person really dropped themselves in it.






















Source: 98Five

16. Lunch time

You would be gutted though…












Source: The Chive

17. Requests

This workplace should really consider that last sticky note…


Source: Think Nice

18. Memes

A great way to frame the situation.










Source: Imgur

19. Jobs

I’m not sure they quite understood…










Source: Twitter

20. Do you want ants?

I have a feeling this person has left donuts in the tech office before.










Source: The Chive

21. Starbucks

It is a pretty nice mug.













Source: Social Talent


I’m sure these people have just reached the end of their tether and can’t find any other way to communicate their frustration.

Maybe their colleagues will just wash that mug next time…

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