30 Awful (Brilliant) Excuses for Missing an Interview [Infographic]

30 Awful (Brilliant) Excuses for Missing an Interview [Infographic]

You’d think most job seekers would be chuffed to get an interview (that’s the whole point isn’t it?).

But I have heard some crazy get-out excuses in my time, including “my dog ate my interview task.”

Sometimes candidates have clearly had second thoughts, sometimes nerves get the better of them and sometimes, they’d simply have been better off lying.

Either way, some of these excuses make for great entertainment.

Here are some of my favourites:

30 Awful Excuses for Missing an Interview [Infographic]

Excuses, excuses…

You can tell that some of these interview excuses are probably real, like for example:

“I was out last night and I’m still too drunk to drive.” (Who would lie about this?)

Others are a little less believable (I’ll let you be the judge).

I wonder whether anyone got a second interview.

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Happy Friday and have a lovely Easter weekend!

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