8 Commutes You'll Be Glad You Don't Do!

8 Commutes You’ll Be Glad You Don’t Do!

Hate your commute to work?

I think most people do.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever actually met anyone who told me they loved or even liked their commute to work…

But today I actually feel pretty grateful for my 20 minute commute by car, which is only really disrupted by traffic or roadworks every so often.


Because of these 8 crazy commutes other people have to do on a daily basis.

(That’s what I call dedication…)

1. The Mid-Level Escalator, Hong Kong

The mid-level escalator is a journey that a lot of people make daily in Hong Kong.

It was introduced to connect central and mid-level Hong Kong, hence the name.

Interested in the facts? This escalator is 800 meters long, and has a shelter the whole way which makes it the longest covered escalator in the world!

That does also mean that it’s a 20 minute journey… imagine if you left something at home?!

Mid levels - Hong Kong

Source: The Guardian / CNN

2. 50 Lane Motorway, China

I read once that there was a 62-mile long traffic jam in China that lasted 12 days…

Now I don’t know about you, but I hate traffic and can barely stand an hour’s stand still on the M6.

But 12 days? That’s ridiculous!

And if you’re wondering how this is even possible, check out the 50 lane motorway in Beijing, China.

China 50 lane motorway






Source: GIPHY

3. Schwebebahn, Germany

This monorail is actually one of the most famous in the world.

And hey, I really wouldn’t mind a trip on this!

Did I mention that this monorail in particular, is suspended in mid-air instead of being attached to a track below it…

Source: Wikimedia

4. Sky wire, Bolivia

La Paz too, as you’ll see below, seems to be a difficult place to travel to and from.

So, to save a difficult journey, they installed a sky wire!

If you’re scare of heights, I can imagine you wouldn’t want to do this journey at all – let alone daily.

Cable Car - Bolivia

Source: The Guardian

5. El Camino de la Muerte, Bolivia

Since the past two crazy commutes have been generally quite lighthearted, allow me to draw your attention to “El Camino de la Muerte”.

This literally translates to “The Road of Death”.

You’re probably thinking it can’t be that bad, but this road claims between 250-300 lives per year.

How? Check out the picture below.

And you don’t want to be coming downhill either, because anyone coming uphill has right of way – meaning if you don’t pull over you’re likely to get pushed off the edge of the path.

(Imagine if you made a wrong move?)

Death road - Bolivia La Paz

Source: CDN

6. Trains, Indonesia

I think the busiest train I’ve been on I’ve had to stand up with a bunch of other people, enough room for personal space though and I’ve never had to miss one because of overcrowding.

But these people in Jakarta, Indonesia, have really had to get creative!

There are people hanging out of doors, hanging off the side, and a vast number of people sitting on the top.

Indonesia - Jakarta trains

Source: Business Insider

7. Bike taxis, India

Work ethic is something that we all look for in our employees…

But when Guwahati floods, these commuters show real determination to get to where they need to be!

Even the people driving the bike taxis are really doing well to continue working.

Putting aside the floods, wouldn’t this be such a cool way to get to work? Unless it’s raining of course…

Guwahati - Bike in flood

Source: Business Insider

8. Trains, Japan

This blog post wouldn’t be complete without the most famous crazy commute across the world.

Everyone is probably aware of the push people go through daily to get on a train in Tokyo.

And by push, I mean literally being forcefully pushed inside the train by a group of other humans who have been hired only to fit as many people as possible on the train until there is no breathing room.

If you’re interested, they’re called “pushers“.

This lack of personal space would be my worst nightmare.


Still think your commute is bad?

In that case, let us know how you get to and from work via our Twitter page (@CoburgBanks) or on our Facebook page.

Seriously, think about getting up on a Monday morning to get stuck in a 62 mile long traffic jam with hundreds of other cars.

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Happy Friday!

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