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Cabin Fever.

By Anthony Hughes | Dec 22, 2013 | Friday Funnies

Brainteaser Answer 15:

The ‘cabin’ is actually a plane cabin and the two men died in a plane crash!

A bit grim, I must admit, but anyway…it’s all about the dual meaning of words again.

When you hear the words “forest,” “cabin,” “wood” etc. together, it (should) immediately conjure up images of a wooden cabin in the woods.

The picture association may also have helped to distract you from the real message… then again, perhaps you weren’t fooled at all?

- Anthony Hughes

Anthony Hughes

Anthony is a recruitment veteran of 18 years and is also one of the original founders of Coburg Banks. He now trains recruitment consultants on the best methods to utilise when sourcing and assessing applicants for their clients. 


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