11 Outrageous Stories About Manager From Hell

11 Outrageous Stories About Managers From Hell

11 Stories About Managers From Hell

I’m pretty sure that most people in their working careers come across a manager that they don’t particularly see eye-to-eye with.

Usually you just go home and complain to whoever will listen, but sometimes venting just doesn’t cut it.

These people know that feeling all too well.

Can you relate? Let us know your work horror story in the comments at the bottom of the page.

But first, give these a read…

1. Talk to the hand

I once had a boss who, while I was replying to a question addressed to me by their boss in a meeting (with whom I had worked before and had developed rapport), actually put their hand less than an inch in front of my face to silence me so that they could answer instead.


2. Super “busy”

I once had a boss who nearly always multi-tasked in meetings by being on her phone and present in the meeting.

In both 1:1’s and in group settings she would shift her attention constantly from the speaker to her phone—back and forth, back and forth like this for the entire time.

At first, I just thought she was extremely busy, and it was the only way for her to get everything done—until one day, I caught her doing crossword puzzles on her phone while doing a check-in with me.


3. Which is your favourite?

Our former department head was famous for his malapropos.

Here are his greatest hits:

  • “The Greek pyramids weren’t built in a day.”
  • “Spurt me out an e-mail.”
  • “Let’s not put the horse before the cart.”
  • “Tonight we’re eating at the Tibetian restaurant.”
  • “It’s not rocket surgery.”
  • “It’s all smoke and windows.”
  • “Nothing is nailed in stone.”
  • “Sometimes you have to roll the dice, and it comes up tails.”


4. Call me, maybe?

Once after work, my boss, a self-titled “email man,” sent me a text message instructing me to check my email.

I rushed over to my computer and pulled up the important missive.

It contained two words: “Call me.


5. Finders Keepers!

Boss stole my purse, then reprimanded me for having a ‘tone’ with her when I asked for it back.


6. Thieves…

I work part time in a lumberyard which had theft losses. Aha! said management, it must be our thieving employees.

Polygraph tests were ordered for every employee. I flatly refused to take the test. Since I was the leading sales person, I was threatened, but not fired.

A week later, during a routine, late night drive by the police caught the thief loading a truck with material from the yard.

It was the VP who had ordered the lie detector tests.


7. #Selfie

I had a boss that would take a billion selfies a day and then excuse me from my work to rate every single one.


8. Back when I was a boy…

I was refused a raise by my VP.

He said, “You’re already making more money than I was at your age.” I was 24. He was 46.

It turns out that he spent his 20’s touring around the state playing guitar in a garage band, barely making enough to pay for food and gasoline.

When I pointed out that rather than playing guitar, I had spent my youth getting a college degree and working in a high-tech job, he replied, “What’s your point?”


9. Best to laugh it off

I was hired by a fast-growing company to be GM of their newest location.

The company was owned by Italian businessmen, whom I met while training in one of their current locations.

While I was there, they told me that I belonged in the kitchen because I’m a woman, and that I didn’t understand how things were because I’m not Italian.

I was so shocked that I laughed at them and gave my notice the next day.


10. Same difference

My boss’s boss thought I was a different employee for about 6 months. We looked alike, had a similar haircut, same body types, etc.

The problem was that this employee liked to skip out on department meetings.

After a number of meetings, my boss called me into his office because his boss wasn’t happy that I was skipping out on all the meetings. I had to prove that I was physically at these meetings and that it was my coworker that was playing hookie.

The director didn’t believe me at first, but she eventually realized who we were.

Lesson learned: make myself more visible to upper management because staying under the radar can apparently cause more headaches.


11. Hypochondriac 

I went to work and slipped on a wet floor. My ankle swelled up.

My boss wouldn’t let anyone take me to the emergency room until I finished processing daily invoices. She told me to stop moaning and just put my foot up.

Five hours later, she had someone take me to the ER.

It turned out that I had broken my ankle.



I really can’t imagine working for any of these people, hats off to those who stuck it out.

So, does your story beat any of these?

If so, or even if you just want to share your horror story, let us know in the comments below, or drop us a Tweet.

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