8 Spooky Candidates Recruiters Are Afraid Of

8 Spooky Candidates Recruiters Are Afraid Of [Halloween Special]

Having worked as a recruiter for many years, I have come across many different kinds of candidates.

It’s great when you find the perfect person for a role – it’s incredibly satisfying.

But there are a few candidates I don’t miss… the kind of candidates that haunt recruiters in their dreams.

They have you tossing and turning in your bed, unable to sleep because you’re on the brink of losing your mind; unsure whether they’re actually going to turn up to the interview or be who they say they are. And yes, it is as dramatic as it sounds.

Now, before I reveal the list, a word of warning for our candidates:

If you start reading a description of these eight spooky characters and find that you somewhat relate, then you might need to take a dose of our anti-spook recipes which you can find – here.

8 Spooky Job Candidates Recruiters Are Afraid Of

Recognise our spooky profiles?

Then it’s possible you’ve got a problem that needs taking care of.

We’ve got a few more recipes for success to help you out, but since it’s Friday they can wait ’til next week!

Why not have a read of our other Friday Funny content? (It’ll get you ready for the weekend):

And since it’s Halloween in a few days, it would be wrong not to include some holiday fun:

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