6 Reasons to Hire Older Workers

Not sure whether you should hiring older workers? There are a lot of reasons why hiring a professional with more life experience is a smart move, discover some of them in this blog. Here's everything you need to know. Enjoy!

June 20, 2023

We talk a lot about Millennials and younger generations, but what about hiring older workers?

While a lot of companies won’t admit that they favour younger workers, there’s a tendency to fall into that trap on a subconscious level.

The thinking is that you’ll get a fresher mind that you can mould and a longer time to work with them.

But the truth is, there are a lot of compelling reasons to hire older workers.

And if you don’t believe me, allow me to explain…

They bring maturity and experience

When times get tough, work will throw up some serious challenges.

Whether it involves dealing with a tricky client or tackling numerous tight deadlines, older workers have the maturity to remain calm during the daunting moments.

Their years of life and work experience makes it very hard for them to get rattled. They’ll plan accordingly and find a solution.

After all, they’ve been there and done that!

They have top communication skills

While the younger generation might be tech-savvy, spending too much time using these means can lead to a poorer level of communication skills.

Before mobile phones and Slack were a thing, older workers spent time honing in on their ability to talk clearly and succinctly.

This also comes in handy when it comes to work politics as well.

Their experience has enabled them to know how to diplomatically convey their opinions to their boss or colleagues without ruffling any feathers.

This is a trait that takes time to learn.

Older workers are often more patient and willing to communicate calmly.

They’re great listeners

As well as verbally communicating, another reason to hire older workers is their ability to listen.

If they’re still motivated to work, they’ll be willing to take things on board and learn quickly.

Their calm demeanour and handling of workplace politics will make them the ideal people for younger colleagues to confide in as well.

Which leads me nicely onto my next point…

They can set an example

The younger generation possesses an abundance of enthusiasm, fresh knowledge and innovative ways of working.

However, for your business to get the most out of all of these exciting elements, you need someone (other than management) to help channel it.

Having an experienced head around will make them first-class mentors and role models for younger professionals.

Not only does this improve staff satisfaction, but it may even help you cut down on training costs too.

Hiring older workers is effectively like bringing in a trainer – they’ve got a wealth of knowledge waiting to be tapped into!

They’re sociable

If you hire older workers, you’ll have a professional who wants to be a part of something.

For whatever reason, the individual prefers to keep their mind active and their social skills firmly intact.

No longer is work a chore.

Customer service roles and client-facing positions are best suited to older workers, as they can chat and joke with them.

The chances are, they’ll probably be able to find a way of relating to every person they come across, as they have an abundance of life experience.

No challenge is big enough to them

One of the biggest reasons to hire older workers is their “can-do” attitude.

After the Second World War, Baby Boomers were taught to give things a go and appreciate the peaceful world they were living in.

So, if a customer is moaning at 65-year old John over the phone about a faulty TV, he’s hardly going to work up a sweat.

This “can-do” and appreciative attitude will combine with their experience and great listening skills to find a logical solution.

It’s the kind of mindset and way of working that rubs off on other employees.

They’ll soon realise that moaning to John about looming deadlines is pointless, as he’ll just sit there and chuckle.

A bright and positive mind will generate better results. It’s a wonderful circle of positivity where both the business and customers benefit.

Final thoughts

So, there you have it.

As the adage goes: “age is just a number”.

Don’t be afraid to hire older workers, because they can provide a new level of experience and offer the wider business a more dynamic approach.

Good luck!

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