Developing an Engineering Recruitment Strategy: Expert Insights from Coburg Banks

This comprehensive guide offers expert advice on crafting an effective engineering recruitment strategy, covering role analysis, brand visibility, sourcing candidates, and successful onboarding.

September 25, 2023

The engineering sector is booming, but there's an unmistakable skills shortage.

Crafting a targeted engineering recruitment strategy is crucial.

As experts in this field, Coburg Banks offers a rich array of insights and services to help you excel in your recruitment journey.

Why a Specialised Strategy is Essential in Engineering Recruitment

Engineering roles are unique and demand specialised skills.

You must adjust your recruitment strategy accordingly.

For a more nuanced view on this topic, see our piece on the role of engineering recruitment agencies in talent acquisition.

Understanding Your Needs: Role Analysis

Before jumping into recruitment, assess the specifics of the role you need to fill.

Role-specific Competencies

Create a checklist of essential and desired skills, both hard and soft.

For a detailed breakdown of what to look for, consult our guide on key attributes you need to look for in new engineering employees.

Team Dynamics

Examine how a new hire will fit into the existing team dynamics.

Coburg Banks' extensive insights on developing an engineering recruitment strategy can offer you some valuable pointers.

Establishing Your Brand and Culture


Use platforms frequented by potential candidates, like LinkedIn and niche job boards.

Learn how to craft compelling job adverts by reading our article on creating an effective engineering job advert.

Company Culture

Showcasing your company culture can attract candidates who align with your values.

Coburg Banks explores the importance of employer branding in engineering recruitment in one of our articles.

Sourcing Candidates

Traditional Methods

Online job boards and LinkedIn are classic but effective.

For those considering an agency, look into our key considerations when choosing an engineering recruitment agency.

Recruitment Agencies

If you decide to go this route, Coburg Banks has laid out the benefits of partnering with engineering recruitment specialists.

Assessing Candidates

Technical Assessments

Critical in engineering roles, technical assessments weed out unsuitable candidates.

Our guide on utilising technical assessments in engineering and manufacturing recruitment offers excellent advice.

Behavioural Interviews

Soft skills are as important as technical skills.

For techniques to evaluate these, refer to our article on mastering emotional intelligence in engineering recruitment interviews.

Onboarding and Integration

Pre-joining Communication

Clear pre-joining communication sets the right expectations.

To ensure new hires are prepared, read our guide on 9 things to prepare before starting a new job.


A proper orientation is important. Get insights from our article on 12 ways to really impress your boss for a broader understanding of what new hires might expect.

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