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8 Cliché Interview Questions We Should Stop Asking (+ 16 Alternatives) [Video]

By Anthony Hughes | Jun 5, 2017 | Assessing Applicants

8 cliche interview questionsDo you ask cliché interview questions?

Things like “what is your greatest weakness?” and “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

The problem is; the internet is absolutely littered with blogs, articles and eBooks about these kinds of questions, each revealing advice, tips and even scripted answers for tackling them all.

And that unfortunately means that the majority of your candidates will be ready and rehearsed with “perfect” answers to them – answers that are not necessarily be true (EG. “I’m a perfectionist”).

Some companies choose brainteasers or trick questions to mix things up a bit, but we think they’re a little bit harsh.

Instead, we recommend re-phrasing the good old cliché interview questions to make them a little more difficult (without scaring off your interviewee).


If you only use predictable and cliche interview questions during your interviews, the process is going to be pretty pointless (almost as pointless as asking whether they’d like to be superman or batman).

They certainly won’t help you find out anything real about your candidates, so try mixing things up.

Here are some more great resources to give you a helping hand:

But do be careful… asking too many weird and wonderful brainteasers may put some candidates off.

Balance would be best.

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Good luck.

- Anthony Hughes

Anthony Hughes

Anthony is a recruitment veteran of 18 years and is also one of the original founders of Coburg Banks. He now trains recruitment consultants on the best methods to utilise when sourcing and assessing applicants for their clients. 


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