5 Productive Things You Can Do On Your Work Commute

5 Productive Things You Can Do On Your Work Commute

Delayed trains, hot buses and packed tubes are the pits.

However, there are some ways to change the negative perception of your commute to work.

Unless your journey is featured in our 8 Commutes You’ll Be Glad You Don’t Do list, you should have plenty of opportunities to try something new.

Not only does this help cure your boredom to and from work, but it’s believed to improve your general wellbeing too.

With this in mind, I’ve put together a handy list of productive things you can try this week.

Work on something new

Is there something you’ve always wanted to pursue but just haven’t had the time to do it? Well, your commute is the perfect time to rethink everything.

Outside of your journey to and from work, your social life, family commitments and general life admin take up a lot of your time.

Whether you always wanted to start a blog about films or you fancied running a little side business to boost your cash flow, get the ball rolling on your commute.

Bring your laptop and create a business strategy or just type away!

If your passion is in art, you could even bring a sketchbook and draw – providing you’re not on a busy and rocky train or bus!

In fact, adult colouring has become quite the craze these days as it’s proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

If you don’t fancy lugging around a colouring book all day, you can always download an app which allows you to colour with the tip of your finger – technology, hey!

Listen to podcasts or audiobooks

Tuning into your favourite podcast can help your mind switch on in the morning or unwind in the evening.

There are plenty of podcasts from comedians, sports personalities, industry experts and everything in between.

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy staying up-to-date with the latest news, tech, sports and business, you could always listen to a cheery audiobook.

And the best part of all is that you can do it with your eyes closed. (Just make sure you don’t miss your stop!)

What type of commuter are you?

Staying proactive and making use of your time on your daily commute is all well and good.

But there are also some really annoying habits that drive the people around you mad.

How many of these worst commuter habits are you guilty of?

  • Reading over someone’s shoulder
  • Falling asleep on a fellow commuter
  • Sitting next to someone, despite the multitude of other seats
  • Typing very loudly on your laptop
  • Leaving your telephone on loud
  • Repeating “I’m on the train” down the phone
  • Constantly sniffling (and worse)
  • Humming or singing
  • Wearing a ridiculously huge backpack
  • Not being ready for the ticket barriers
  • Eating food that smells amazing
  • Ignoring the “quiet zone” signs
  • Putting your feet up on the seats
I’ve only just scratched the surface with these examples.

To see the complete list of no-nos, take a look at our previous blog: ’39 of the Worst Commuter Habits’.

Get smart

Learning can be entertaining you know. I’m not saying you have to bury your head in a book on nuclear physics after a long hard day at the office.

Instead, you can train your brain without even realising.

For instance, puzzles, crosswords and educational mobile games can wake up your brain and develop your mental skills.

You could always use your commute to learn a new language via the free Duolingo app! Not only does it make learning French, Spanish and other languages fun, but it could develop your career in the process too. Ooh la la!

Plan ahead

Planning doesn’t exactly sound exciting. Nonetheless, thinking about what you’re going to at work or afterwards can cut procrastination out and give you a head start.

Make a small to-do list and you can get things done more efficiently.

You shouldn’t use this time to reply to a load of emails, as this will just stress you out.

Unwind and switch off

It may seem obvious, but if you’re not a morning person – don’t try and fight it.

You don’t necessarily have to use your time learning new things. In theory, if you rest on your commute by listening to music or watching a show on your tablet, you will feel more relaxed going into work or when you arrive home.

Remember, life is about balance.

So what’s stopping you?

Now you’ve read our list, give one a go this week.

After trying a few, you’ll soon realise which ones you enjoy the most and you’ll be able to make the most out of the same mundane trip you take on a daily basis.

Happy travels!

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