50 Nonsense Job Ad Clichés (and What They Really Mean…) [Infographic]

50 Nonsense Job Ad Clichés (and What They Really Mean…) [Infographic]

cow pooingEver read (or written) a job advert and thought… “smells like bullsh*t?”

For some reason, people panic so much when it comes to sell, sell, selling that job vacancy, that they absolutely cram their ads full of nonsense like ‘this is the opportunity of a lifetime!’ (Is it though..?)

Well, this week, we’re hoping to put an end to that practice.

Scroll down to check out our new infographic with 50 of the most cringe-worthy and nonsensical buzz-phrases and clichés that crop up in job adverts time and time again…

…along with our insider (just slightly exaggerated) recruiter translations!



Recognise them?

Ok, ok so my translations are a little bit exaggerated, but you get the point right… you shouldn’t believe everything you read – and you shouldn’t write crappy clichés in your job advert!

Recruiter Pro Tip

Guilty of using some of these in your job ads? It’s time to change your ways.

To stand out and make people want to work with you, use the space you have to say something worthwhile and meaningful; something that shows off your great employer brand but doesn’t come across false and samey.

Click here for some tips on writing better job adverts that attract world class staff!

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